“I thought I’d give you Woo Kang-hoon, but Kim Tae-hyung’s first words…” How did LG find a 150km prospect as a backup infielder

“It’s really hard to trade in Korea. Woo Kang-hoon and Son Ho-young are not allowed. They are not allowed in the off-season.”

The first trade since the opening of the 2024 season was a one-on-one trade between the LG Twins and the Lotte Giants. On July 30, the two teams traded infielder Son Ho-young and sidearm pitcher Woo Kang-hoon.업소알바

It was a trade between a backup infielder who was highly anticipated but was pushed back due to frequent injuries and a pitcher who threw 150 kilometers but still had weaknesses in ball control. Looking at the value of a player right now, it is a trade that leans toward LG, and Lotte also acknowledged this. However, Lotte general manager Park Joon-hyuk explained that right-handed batters were desperately needed to accept this imbalance.

Trade talks reportedly began at the request of Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung. Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop told the story behind the trade with Woo Kang-hoon and Son Ho-young at a briefing ahead of the game with the NC Dinos at Jamsil Stadium on Tuesday.

When asked if Son had a hit, he told reporters, “He should have had a hit or two right away. First impression is important,” adding, “(Woo Kang-hoon and Son Ho-young) both have to do well. We need such a trade, and we just need to do well, but it is hard for Korea to trade (concerning criticism of the result). This is also a perfect match (because of the situation). I needed an in-between pitcher, and Lotte absolutely needed an infielder. In fact, Woo Kang-hoon and Son Ho-young said, “It should never be an off-season.”

Son Ho-young was registered in the Lotte Giants’ first division entry on Thursday, the day after the trade, and started as the sixth batter and third baseman. However, he remained silent with no hit and two strikeouts from three times at bat, and was replaced by left-handed hitter Park Seung-wook ahead of his fourth at-bat (he recorded two hits and one RBI from three times at bat against Lotte in Daejeon on Sunday).

At the same time, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “I thought he would give it to me and told him about Woo Kang-hoon. When I asked, ‘Can you give it to Kang-hoon?’ (Director Kim Tae-hyung’s) first word was ‘a’C. He said, ‘Take him away’ a day later.’ He also said, “When we get traded, we have to do well to each other. It’s a totally positive development for Hoyoung.”

At his last meeting with Son on Thursday, Yeom Kyung-yeop encouraged him to take the starting position. ” (Son Ho-young) was crying. I told him to go and do well. It is an amazing opportunity for him. Going (to Lotte) gives him more opportunities than being here. I think it is a good trade because he can become the starting player once he settles down.”

The trade decision was largely attributable to his manager. Koo Bon-hyuk, who returned after being discharged from the military last year, saw rapid growth in batting. Lee Young-bin’s presence, which is set to be discharged from the military in July, also narrowed Son Ho-young’s position.

Coach Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Now that Young-bin is coming, it is right to leave that position empty. Before that, Kim Joo-sung and Kim Min-soo will replace them. Koo Bon-hyuk is the first backup and Kim Min-soo is the second backup, but there is a high possibility that Young-bin will join the first team as soon as he is discharged from the military. There are priorities we have set. Lee Young-bin is the player with the priority in our development program.”

Expectations are high of course high for Woo Kang-hoon, his new family member. Originally, Woo was only scheduled to accompany the primary team players during the six consecutive home games against the NC and KT Wiz, which will take place at Jamsil Stadium this week. Thanks to favorable reviews from pitchers Kim Kyung-tae and Kim Kwang-sam on the first day of joining the team on Thursday, the timing of registration for the entry into the primary team has been accelerated.

On the day of the trade, Yeom Kyung-yeop said on Tuesday, “I will go on a major tour (with the main team) for one week. I will continue the ‘twinsline’ as if there is a driveline in the U.S. He is a promising player, and I thought he was an attractive pitcher enough when he played against us last year. I have a good change-up curve movement and good fastball pitching, but I have some problems with my ball control. I need to learn how to control my ball for one week and know what preparations I need to make.”

On Tuesday, he explained that he decided to register for the first team after receiving recommendation from the coaching staff. “The coaching staff said it wasn’t bad when they saw the bullpen pitching on the first day. I strongly recommended it and uploaded it. I threw it at Gocheok, but when I asked, they asked me to register. I think we can use it as a card to use when we have a big gap in scores. He is one of the players that we need to make a must-win group anyway. Within a year or two, it will be as early as this year or next year,” manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said.

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