“Mound Problem + Nervousness” Overcoming…Can the first starter from ML be saved from the mire of six consecutive losses in Samsung

Can Connor Seabold (28), a foreign pitcher of the Samsung Lions, pull his team out of consecutive losses.

Corner will start at the 2024 KBO League Kiwoom Heroes match to be held at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Wednesday. Prior to the match, Samsung had lost six games in a row, falling to a tie for eighth place (two wins, one draw and six losses). In addition, the team lost all four games at home this season. The team has yet to give a victory to its home fans in Daegu.업소알바

Team atmosphere is also set to slow down. “The atmosphere is very gloomy right now,” coach Park Jin-man told reporters on Thursday while the match against Kiwoom in Daegu was canceled. “I hope the players can take a day off to relieve their stress. I believe the atmosphere can change as well,” he said, adding that he aims to change the atmosphere by taking a break due to the cancellation of the rain.

To avoid losing consecutive games, Samsung is touting “first starter” corner. However, corner has yet to display stable performance. At exhibition games, he displayed stellar performance as well. Coach Park Jin-man said at the time, “Connor has been practicing sweeper since the spring camp. At exhibition games, I tried to apply the pitches that I practiced. However, due to lack of completeness, I struggled on the mound,” explaining the reason why corner was not good.

Still, Connor displayed impressive performance when he took the mound for the first time in the regular season. Connor started the regular season opener against the KT Wiz at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on April 23, and allowed four hits, one homer, one walk and two runs (one earned run) and eight strikeouts in six innings. He showed off quality start (pitching six innings of less than three earned runs) and led Samsung to a 6-2 victory.

However, Connor struggled again in the opening game at home. At a game against the SSG Landers in Daegu on Monday, Connor was sluggish in five innings with nine hits, three homers, two walks and five runs and one strikeout. “Connor seemed nervous because it was Connor’s first home game. He seemed to be very shaky. He also displayed shaky control. Players cannot be in good condition every day. Connor must have felt burdened as it was the opening game at home,” Park said.

He also seemed unfamiliar with the mound. “Connor said he felt uncomfortable on the mound during the game. I heard he told his pitching coach that. Since it’s his home stadium, I will try to supplement what I can.”

Adjusting to the mound and overcoming tension. Connor will start with two problems. Can Connor save the Samsung Lions from losing six games in a row.

Connor signed a one-million-dollar contract with Samsung for down payment of 100,000 dollars, annual salary of 800,000 dollars, and incentives of 100,000 dollars before the end of this season. Connor, who was drafted 83rd overall in the third round in the 2017 draft, made his big league debut with the Boston Red Sox in 2021. Connor, who continued his career with the Colorado Rockies until last year, had a career record of one win and one loss with an 8.12 ERA in 33 games in the Major League.

Connor, a former Colorado Rockies player last season, had one win and seven losses in 87 ⅓ innings with a WHIP of 1.65 per WHIP. In Triple-A, Connor recorded 13 wins and seven losses with a WHIP of 4.13 WHIP of 1.24.

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