The initials are LJH. Lee Joo-hyung, not Lee Jung-hoo, leading the Kiwoom lineup

Kiwoom is classified as the weakest team in the Korean pro baseball this year. Lee Jung-hoo (26), who used to be the core of the team’s offense, is wearing the San Francisco Giants uniform, and ace Ahn Woo-jin (25), who had elbow surgery, skipped the entire season. Experts and fans alike picked Kiwoom as the lowest-ranked candidate.핑크알바

However, he is ranking fifth with five wins and four losses in nine games through Saturday. He lost four consecutive games in the season, but has since won five consecutive games. LJH (Lee Jung-hoo) left the team, but another LJH (Lee Joo-hyung) returned after winning consecutive games, boosting the batting lineup.

Lee Ju-hyung (23), who returned to Korea early after suffering a thigh injury during the second spring camp in Taiwan in February, failed to play in an exhibition game and hung on to rehabilitate himself, before appearing in the first division match from Thursday’s match against Samsung. He played in only three games, but his presence is impressive. He led the team to an 8-3 victory by scoring two runs on three hits from four times at bat on Sunday, which was also his birthday, and led the team to a landslide 10-1 victory on Sunday by scoring two runs on four hits from four times at bat. He also had three hits from five times at bat on Saturday. He played the role of a top hitter by scoring six runs while recording 10 hits from 13 times at bat (0.769) during three games. He also recorded one double and three hits each. Before playing his return match for the first division, he said, “As it is the first day of my return, I think the balls of the first division pitchers will be felt quickly. My goal is to make as many in-play hits as possible without striking out,” but when I watch only two games, such words seem to me like an exaggeration.

Lee Ju-hyeong was traded to LG in the last season when Choi Won-tae, one of the main starting pitchers of Kiwoom, was hired as a Kiwoom instead. Lee Ju-hyeong, who graduated from Kyungnam High School and was named the 13th player in the 2020 draft (second round), is a promising player with fast feet, long-distance shots, and broad defense. LG itself saw his potential for success as well. If it were normal, it would not have been easy to give up to other teams, but LG desperately wanted to win the title, so it brought in Choi Won-tae in exchange for Plutko, a foreign pitcher, who left a mound empty. High-ranking LG officials opposed his move at the time, and fans also expressed regret.

However, the trade was an opportunity for Lee. LG rarely had a chance because they had outfielders such as Hong Chang-ki, Park Hae-min and Moon Sung-joo. Lee displayed his potential by consistently going to bat while playing in Kiwoom’s uniform. While playing in 69 games last year, he hit 0.326 (70 hits in 215 times at bat), six homers and 36 RBIs. He displayed fierce batting skills. He was evaluated as Lee’s successor as he easily filled the center field position where Lee Jung-hoo was injured last season. As a result, his annual salary jumped from 33 million won (39,000 U.S. dollars) to 66 million won (63,000 dollars) this year.

Lee Ju-hyeong focused on making his swing as simple as possible ahead of this season. He believes that the batting speed has increased as his swing has become more seamless, and that a good swing seems to be created. Lee’s goal, which started the season a little later than others, is to “play all the remaining games without injury.” Lee Ju-hyeong suffered a thigh muscle injury at the end of the regular season last year, and in February this year, he injured the same area, failing to properly play spring camp. If he performs his skills without injury for the rest of the game, it is worth expecting the creation of a super-class outfielder who dominates the game in the KBO league.

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