“Because of your passionate support,” said the home fans, KT, who filled Iksan Stadium, also responded with a victory…KIA 2nd Division 9-6 Beat → Cho Dae-hyun and Lee Chae-ho MVP

The KT Futures team successfully finished the home opening ceremony with enthusiastic support from home fans.밤알바

The KT Futures team held a home opening ceremony against the KIA Futures Team of the 2024 Mediheal KBO Futures League at Iksan Baseball Stadium on the 6th.

Various events were held even before the game. Before the game, Big Tory uniforms and welcome gifts were presented to 300 visitors. Also, a fan signing event was held for the team, including Son Dong-hyun, Hong Hyun-bin, Kim Young-hyun, Ryu Hyun-in, and Park Min-seok.

In addition, Iksan Mayor Chung Heon-yul’s opening speech and Iksan Mayor Choi Jong-oh’s speech commemorating the opening of the 2024 season were declared. KT and Iksan City have also signed an agreement to donate to underprivileged people. Every time a home run for the Futures Game is awarded, 200,000 won (179 U.S. dollars) will be set aside. The team plans to donate to underprivileged people in Iksan after the end of the season.

A packed crowd gathered for the home opening ceremony. 700 seats are full, but 1,000 people came in, far beyond that.

Jeong Dong-soo, a public official of Iksan City, said, “It is very good to meet players in person through various events such as fan meetings at Iksan Baseball Stadium, where KT is based. I am proud as an Iksan citizen because it is an opportunity to get to know the second-tier players more, and it seems that many fans from other regions come to Iksan to help revitalize the local economy.”

Perhaps it was because of the enthusiastic cheering from the home crowd. KT won the game 9-6.

Catcher Cho Dae-hyun, who was named MVP as he recorded two hits, one home run and four RBIs from four times at bat on the day, said, “I went to the batter’s box with the mindset that I had to win no matter what, and I got a happy home run. It was all the more encouraging because so many fans came to see me. I prepared for this season to focus on batting to supplement my offense power during the camp, and even though it is early in this season, I think the results are still good. I want to increase my performance and meet my fans in Suwon as soon as possible.”

“I took the mound today for the first time since I started rehabilitation due to injury during the camp. I was worried that I might suffer a slump after getting injured while I was in good condition in the camp. I feel good because I recovered faster than I thought. I want to join the first team and contribute to the team,” he said.

Infielder Ryu Hyun-in also said, “Thank you so many fans for coming to the opening ceremony. Thanks to your passionate support, I was able to win the game. To repay the fans’ support, the team will also prepare hard for every game.”

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