It’s almost like a devastating disaster. “How did all five of the must-win teams fall out?” But there’s a team that holds out well

In fact, it is fair to say that they were born anew, almost to the point of devastation. The five players who had been the mainstay of the bullpen until last year left the lineup. Still, the team is doing well through the early days of the season by enduring tough times. It is the “defending champion” LG Twins.

LG finished its three consecutive weekend games with KT with two wins and one loss, and a winning series. LG lost 7-8 to KT after a close game in the 10th inning of overtime on the 5th. The two teams had mixed feelings after mobilizing all of their must-win teams. On the 6th, LG won the game 8-4 with Koo Bon-hyuk’s walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth inning. “If we had lost on the 6th as well, the blow would have been huge,” LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said before the game on the 7th. On the 7th, LG succeeded in the winning series with a landslide 16-7 victory. LG tied with Hanwha for fourth with eight wins, five losses and one draw.여우알바

LG boasted the strongest bullpen last year, when it won the championship. It ranked first among the 10 teams with a 3.43 earned run in the bullpen. Notably, LG displayed strong bullpen session in the second game of the Korean Series against KT on Nov. 8 last year. At the time, starter Choi Won-tae collapsed by allowing two hits, two walks, and four runs (four earned) during the first ⅓ of the ⅔, but seven other bullpen members worked together for eight scoreless 이닝 to achieve a come-from-behind victory.

After the second pitcher Lee Jung-yong turned off the heat with three hits and one strikeout in the first ⅔ (28 pitches), Jung Woo-young gave up three hits and one strikeout in the first ⅓ (26 pitches), Kim Jin-sung gave up three hits and one strikeout in the first ⅔ (13 pitches), Baek Seung-hyun gave up one hit, one walk and one strikeout in the second ⅓ (22 pitches), Yoo Young-chan gave up two strikeouts in the second ⅔ (22 pitches), Ham Deok-ju gave up two strikeouts in the first inning, and Ko Woo-seok gave up two strikeouts in the first inning.

Out of the seven players, only two are currently pitching for the team. Go played in the U.S. Major League (San Diego Padres), while Lee Jung-yong joined the Sangmu team. Ham Deok-ju had to undergo pin fixation on the left main leg due to a microfracture of the main skull in his left elbow in January. He is expected to return around June-July. Jung Woo-young and Baek Seung-hyun are currently in the second division.

Despite the fact that five players left the team, LG is still holding out well. In fact, it is no exaggeration to say that Yeom is using the bullpen depending on the pitchers’ conditions on the day. Notably, Lee is playing a golden role. Although he was shaken by three hits (one homer) and one walk and three runs in ⅓ innings at the match against KT on the previous day, he sometimes throws balls over two innings to play the role of a yardstick. Above all, Lee is receiving internal evaluation that his ball control has improved compared to last season. In addition to Kim Jin-sung and Yoo Young-chan, Park Myung-geun, Kim Yoo-young, Yun Ho-sol, Choi Dong-hwan and Lee Woo-chan are filling in the gap for those who have left the team.

Nonetheless, the best thing for LG is for Jung Woo-young and Baek Seung-hyun to find themselves and return to the main league for now. Now, LG will leave for Gwangju, play three consecutive games against KIA, and then return to Jamsil to play three consecutive away games against Doosan. During the spring camp, Yeom vowed to play starting baseball this season. It is no exaggeration to say that he has formed a new team, but will the LG Twins’ bullpen regain the same prestige as last year.

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