How did the 17 billion FA trio become a white flag surrender signal…Lotte’s current address with miscalculation

Lotte seemed to take the lead by scoring the first run in the first inning, but failed to take the lead in the game. In the end, the team’s thin ice lead of 1-0 was broken. With runners at first and second bases with one out in the sixth inning, Kim Ji-chan gave a come-from-behind three-run homerun to hit it. Starter Na Kyun-an collapsed. Followed by Koo, who was holding on precariously, was beaten by Kim Hun-gon with a two-run shot. The game was turned upside down 1-5. Then, the gap widened to 1-8 as the team allowed three runs in the ninth inning. The gap of seven runs was not narrowed.고수익알바

As they won two consecutive games against Sajik Doosan from the 6th to the 7th, they failed to keep up with the atmosphere of achieving their first consecutive win and winning series of the season and suffered a major defeat. Starting last weekend, they expected their performance to be a turning point, but expectations were dashed. It can also be interpreted that the current team’s power itself is not stable. The players who were considered main players fell into a slump and fell out of the starting lineup, and the players who replaced them were originally considered backup rather than main players. The sluggishness of the main players scattered the calculations that manager Kim Tae-hyung had in his head.

Manager Kim Tae-hyung also excluded 13 billion fielders FA duo Noh Jin-hyuk and Yoo Kang-nam from the starting lineup on the same day. They are the two players who have not found a sense of hitting even though the opening two weeks have passed. For now, catcher Yoo Kang-nam has been excluded from the starting lineup for three consecutive games since the game on the 6th. Noh started the game on the 7th, but was replaced by Lee Hak-joo in one at-bat. Ahead of the Samsung match on the 9th, manager Kim Tae-hyung said about the reason for Roh’s replacement, “I had no energy. I thought I could make the cut if it was a side pitcher’s ball, but I was struck out helplessly. I thought I would have to defend in such a situation, so I replaced him with Lee Hak-joo.”

He is giving Yoo Kang-nam time to cool off. “The catcher has to lead again. If you hit the bat well, you can relieve pressure on your defense. However, when the bat doesn’t hit me, I have to think about the lead, which is very stressful. It’s okay to take a break at least once,” Kim said.

On top of that, Han Hyun-hee, an FA player on the pitching staff, is also still playing the role of the losing team. The FA trio Yoo Kang-nam (four-year, 8 billion won), Noh Jin-hyuk (four-year, 5 billion won), and Han Hyun-hee (three-plus-one-year, 4 billion won) who were recruited ahead of last year’s season account for a small portion of the current team’s overall capability. They alone spent 17 billion won.

The game against Samsung on Tuesday local time served as an indicator of Lotte’s current status. Han took the mound in the top of the ninth inning when his team was losing 1-5. The game was on a de facto slope, but Han had a clear role to play. The goal was to maintain the four-point gap until the bottom of the ninth inning so that she could have some hope. However, Han failed to fulfill her role properly. In the top of the ninth inning, she allowed a walk to the first batter Kim Heon-gon, and was hit to the right by Koo Ja-wook. She handled McKinnon with fly balls to right field, but was hit by timely hits by Kim Jae-hyuk and Kim Young-woong. Eventually, she left the mound after failing to complete the ninth inning, and Park Jin, who took the mound afterwards, allowed an additional timely hit. Han’s loss increased further. The final record was three hits, one walk, and three runs during the ⅓ innings. The gap widened to 1-8.

Lotte had no choice but to throw a white flag. At the end of the top of the ninth inning, Lotte had only 0.03 percent chance of winning. The result was effectively decided. The batting order, which starts with No. 4 Jeon Jun-woo. In place of Jeon, Noh jumped to the batter’s box. He hit Samsung’s Yang Hyun’s second pitch, a 118-km curveball, and floated it high. He made a lucky hit that fell where neither the first baseman, second baseman, or right fielder could catch. It was a valuable hit in four games, but the quality of the hit was not satisfactory. Yoo Kang-nam then appeared at Junghoon Lee’s bat. Yoo once again bowed his head, striking out after the fourth pitch.

For the 17 billion FA trio, the match would be humiliating. It was a signal of a white flag to surrender. Still, Kim has yet to regain confidence that they are the players he needs to play for. Notably, Kim said to Noh Jin-hyuk and Yoo Kang-nam, “These players have to play for us anyway. They need to step up in pace and contribute to the team and give strength to the team.”

Even if they are sluggish right now, there are not many players who can replace them. We have no choice but to trust and wait. However, how long will coach Kim Tae-hyung wait? Before the wait is over, will he be able to regain his pace and perform what he originally expected.

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