In response to the voice of the field, “ABS standards are different for each stadium,” President Koo Young-yeon said, “Not at all, it’s just the players’ feeling.”

Koo In-yeon (73), president of the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO), expressed his position that there is no problem with the recent controversy over ABS (Automatic Ball-Strike System).유흥알바

At the opening ceremony of the “2nd SA Baseball 5 Asia Cup” held at the Olympic Park Peace Plaza in Songpa-gu, Seoul on the 13th, President Heo Gu-yeon said, “So far, the success rate of ABS has been 99.9 percent. Considering the opinions of players, coaches, and club officials, it is quite positive for the cause that it is fair to all. It may take some time for the players to adjust, but so far, it seems to be okay.”

This year, the KBO introduced the ABS, also known as robot refereeing, for the first time in the world’s first professional baseball league. The ABS was applied to the game in earnest from the exhibition games. According to the KBO’s announcement on April 13, the ABS in the first 19 exhibition games this year showed a 99.9 percent success rate in tracking pitches, increasing reliability. The failed 0.1 percent was when the wire camera violated the tracking range and failed to track the game.

Players did not have complaints about the fact that the same standard applies to both teams. However, players and KBO club officials said that ABS applies slightly differently depending on the stadium and weather. They said that ABS zones seem to have changed due to the change in the slope of the ground in the stadium on the day after heavy rain. Ryu Hyun-jin (37) of the Hanwha Eagles, who experienced ABS for the first time, said after taking the mound against Kia Tigers in Daejeon on March 12 and Sajik Lotte on March 17, “The strike zones seem to be slightly different for each stadium. I think the players should catch it quickly,” adding, “More strikes were made today (17th) than last time (12th).”

“It is not true at all that ABS zones are different depending on the slope of the stadium and the ground. It is just players’ feelings. We also tried to adjust the simulation in Sports2i. It cannot be different because all three cameras in each stadium are set at the same angle,” said President Koo In-yeon.

Controversy continued over the ABS even in the regular season. In particular, as strike zones visible on the broadcasting screen are collective as in the past, the fact that ABS zones, which are applied differently for each player, do not intuitively touched caused controversy.

“Technically, it is not easy to match the strike zone graphic (depending on the batter),” Presidential Governor Heo Gu-yeon said, but added, “We are working on 3D representation of the strike zone. If fans check that the ball enters the zone in 3D, they will be able to feel the ABS strike zone better.”

According to Huh, the ABS of the KBO was also a matter of great interest in the Major League Baseball and the NPB. The two leagues have yet to introduce the ABS into the first division. “After meeting with officials from the San Diego and LA Dodgers in the last Seoul Series, I had great interest. I had a lot of questions and I am willing to share materials if necessary,” he said. “The Major League is also making efforts to globalize baseball, and for that to happen, the level and judgment of referees must be consistent. Major League officials are also aware of this, and the Taiwan Professional Baseball (CPBL) has been interested in and preparing since last year.”

As such, the accuracy and reliability of ABS in the KBO league this season were important for KBO as well. He was also aware of voices in the field that the ABS zone seems to be wide up and down. “In that respect, we are trying to do well as our ABS can become a model (for other leagues),” Huh said. Strike zone adjustment is also different from pitcher’s and batter’s positions. He left open the possibility that adjustment will be possible after the season by collecting such opinions.

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