“I had a dream of interviewing you.” Was it a predictive dream of Mir junior…Pinch-hitter Multi-Hit Leads to Turn Over by 10 Points

Gyeongbuk High School outfielder Lee Sung-chan made last night’s dream a reality. I even dreamed that a second-year bench member, not the main player, had a decisive hit in the game and interviewed him, and that really happened.유흥알바

Gyeongbuk High School won 11-10 against Daejeon High School in the quarterfinals of “2024 Shinsegae E-Mart Cup” held at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul on the 18th, and won a come-from-behind walk-off in the bottom of the 10th inning of overtime. As it was dragged 0-10 until the top of the seventh inning, it was on the verge of losing the cold game, but it scored eight points in the bottom of the seventh inning alone, dragging the game to a foggy phase. The extra time was played by catching up with one point each in the eighth and ninth innings, and the ball hit the finishing body with the bases loaded with one out at the bottom of the 10th inning. Gyeongbuk High School continued to strengthen its opponent.

With a 10-point deficit, replacement players showed remarkable performance. Second-grade catcher Shin Ji-hoo hit to the right field as the leadoff hitter in the seventh inning, and second-grade infielder Kim Joo-han, who stepped up to strengthen his defense, also garnered a hit to vitalize the mood. Second-grade outfielder Lee Seong-chan, who appeared as a pinch hitter, hit an RBI double. With this first score, the Gyeongbuk high school’s batters opened their doors. Lee Seung-bin’s fly ball to the left field led to a lucky hit, and the team started to drive him to the batter’s box. Gyeongbuk High School had eight runs in the bottom of the seventh inning, causing a crack on the mound of Daejeon High School where starter Bae Jeong-ho (no run in five ⅓ innings) went down.

“In the early days of the E-Mart Cup, the game was mostly played by third graders. Now, I will hire a talented second grader,” said Lee Jun-ho, head coach of Gyeongbuk High School. Lee Seong-chan also played as a pinch hitter at the match against Yale Meditech High School on Saturday, and recorded a double in the final round. It was Lee’s first hit in high school. Although he has not had much success in actual matches, he has emerged as a pinch hitter in clutch situations based on his performance in training.

Lee Sung-chan showed his presence once again after two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning. It was a time when Gyeongbuk High School was still dragged 9-10. After two outs, Choi Woo-joon’s double to the left of the left field came out, which gave him a chance to tie the game. Lee Sung-chan hit a timely hit in the middle. He hit Kim Min-je’s curve accurately.

After the game ended with an 11-10 walk-off victory, Lee Sung-chan said, “The coach believed in everything, so I played with confidence in repaying him.” Regarding the background of not giving up even in the 0-10 situation, he said, “Coaches said they didn’t know until the end, and they came all the way here, but they asked me if I would give up, so I worked harder.”

During his freshman year, he had no hit in official games. He was nervous because he rarely had a hit in the weekend league, but he had good results in important situations for two consecutive games. “I played in many games when I was a freshman, but I didn’t have many hits, so I thought a lot about what to do. I had a good dream last night,” Lee Seong-chan said. “I had a bad dream and had an interview with him.”

Lee Seong-chan, who had been nervous all this time, smiled, saying, “I grew up watching Mir. I thought he was cool when I saw him interviewing. So I wanted my dream to come true, but I’m really happy that it turned out like this.”

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