“Junseo made a good game…”I was more focused, too.” Won Tae-in, this is the ace of the lion squad

Won Tae-in (24), the ace pitcher of the Samsung Lions in the professional baseball league, has become the winner of a fierce competition between pitchers. Although he lost for the first time since his debut, he showed off his seniority by praising his younger teammate Hwang Joon-seo (19, Hanwha Eagles) who showed great pitching.퀸알바

Won Tae-in started the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League away game against the Hanwha Eagles at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Tuesday, and led Samsung to a 1-0 victory by allowing two hits, two walks and seven strikeouts in six innings. Samsung had 12 wins, 11 losses and one draw, moving up one notch to tie with LG for fifth place.

Won Tae-in, who has won his third win (loss) of the season by becoming a winning pitcher in the last three consecutive games, also lowered his ERA from 3.38 to 2.63.

He struck out all three outs in the first inning, but managed to pull out 33 pitches even without allowing a single or two walks. He seemed to have trouble playing a long inning, but managed to secure stability by throwing three outs in three consecutive innings in the second to fourth innings, and took responsibility for the game through the sixth inning with 102 pitches. “Won Tae-in showed perfect pitching as an ace,” Samsung coach Park Jin-man said.

He displayed good pitching capability with changeups (27), cutters (16), sliders (15) and curves (5), as well as fastballs (39) at up to 148 kilometers and 146 kilometers on average. He displayed a diverse pitching repertoire by striking out four swings and misses with a slider (3) and a changeup (1) and striking out three rookies with a fastball.

After the game, Won said, “While preparing for the game, I think today was the best day (of this season). As I gained greed and strength on the mound, I pitched in a difficult way in the first inning. I changed my mind from the second inning, so I tried not to make a difficult game but to gain confidence easily,” and added, “As I threw a lot of balls in the first inning, it became difficult from the second inning. Rather, I had good results as I threw without strength. In the last sixth inning, I was able to finish the game well by striking out the batters at the center.”

Hwang Joon-ho, a rookie starting pitcher for the Hanwha Eagles, also pitched well. He suffered his first loss since his debut due to the silence of the Hanwha Eagles’ lineup, which was blocked by Won Tae-in’s good pitching, but he pitched well by allowing four hits, one walk, five strikeouts and one run in five innings. He also used three curves (31), which were mixed mainly with a maximum of 147 kilometers of fastballs (31), and forkballs (30). As the ball control formed at the corner of the strike zone was so good, Samsung batters could not easily respond.

Won Tae-in, who had been with Hwang Joon-seo for a short period of time as a member of Team Korea of the MLB World Tour Seoul Series before the season, said, “We pitched well against each other. Jun-seo and I focused more because he made a tight and good game. That’s why I was able to score no points.”

He also thanked Lim Chang-min (⅔ inning), Kim Jae-yoon (one ⅓ inning), and Oh Seung-hwan (one inning), who worked together for three scoreless innings from the seventh inning to secure the 1-0 win. “I feel so reassured. I have enough strength in my bullpen to block the 1-0 game as well. My goal is a long innings, but I have a bullpen, so I can throw more responsibly in the current innings without thinking about the long innings.”

Won Tae-in, who had no victory in the first two games, said, “I aimed to win two games in a month, but I already won three games. I think we are gaining wins too fast,” before smiling, “I think everything is in the mood. Both my team and I enjoyed the good mood. I will continue to win consecutive games as much as possible,” in expressing his will to win the next game as well.

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