Beom-seok, let’s go to the Asian Games.” Legendary coach who received the assignment, “Genius batter as the best catcher.”

The coach, the general manager, and the coach in charge are all confident in their talent. They are truly remarkable. It is fair to say that a single hit is God-given talent. In 2022, when he was a high school senior, he became the first amateur player to hit a double-digit home run by using a wooden bat. He not only hits far away but also boasts accuracy and ability to select players. That is why he was nominated in the draft and predicted, “A unique golfer can become an epitome of Korean baseball.” This is the story of Kim Beom-seok (20), a rookie catcher who is now in his second year with the LG Twins.고소득알바

Players as well as the club and leaders do not give up. He had difficulties in shoulder rehabilitation when he joined the team and weight control afterwards, which prevented him from properly joining the catcher’s training. In February, he returned home early due to an injury at the Arizona Spring camp.

Still, he has to start over. He will engage in one-on-one strong training sessions with battery coach Park Kyung-wan, a catcher who represents Korea during the active duty period. Prior to the team’s training, Park and Kim Bum-suk will conduct special training sessions for catchers. They will throw and hold the ball with their whole body as if it were a spring camp. Yeom Kyung-yeop, the coach, said that it would be more efficient for Kim to participate in special training sessions in the first division rather than playing in the second division. He invests a long time in training before actual training sessions.

Training has been underway for about 10 days since the 12th. “It’s fun. I think I have a homework, too,” Park said of training with Kim. “I’ll try my best to make it, thinking that Bum-suk is my son,” adding, “Bum-seok is not just good at hitting. He is also good at defense. He has good athleticism and agility when playing catcher’s defense, as he shows in batting. It may seem slow, but it is not. He is faster than expected. He has instantaneous speed. He has a lot of good things.”

He does not just engage in catch-and-throw training. He also helps control minds during the training process. He encourages others constantly and pays attention to motivation.

Coach Park said, “I stress to Bum-suk that he will play as a catcher, saying, ‘Until when are you going to play as a pinch hitter? You have to defend as well,'” adding, “He also gave us a big goal.” “Are you confident with your bat? If you can play catcher well with your bat, you can go to the Asian Games. If you do well in the Asian Games, you can even play FA twice. Let’s try it. Let’s go to the Asian Games.”

As if Coach Park’s words stimulated him, Kim Bum-suk sometimes leaves a strong impression on every opportunity given. He had 2 hits in 3 at-bats for a pinch-hit or replacement. When he played as a designated hitter, he fired a grand slam that led the reversal in the first game of the doubleheader against SSG on the 20th. In the second game, he played as a first baseman and made 3 hits in 5 at-bats. Kim Bum-suk’s performance was absolutely essential for LG to win its second consecutive winning series last week.

There is no doubt about his batting. What’s left is the catcher. If he becomes Kim Beom-seok, who can always wear a mask, LG will naturally acquire the next catcher after Park Dong-won. “Everyone knows this, but Beom-seok’s batting talent is real. I’ve never seen a player less than 20 years old hit like this before,” Park said while confiding in the camp.

Of course, it has not been realized yet. Catchers need more training and experience than any position. The timing of Kim Bum-suk’s starting job as a catcher is also undecided. In addition to training and weight control, many trials, including errors and failures, await as a catcher.

That’s why I widened my horizons. I set my sights on the Aichi Nagoya Asian Games in 2026. Chances are high that the national team will be comprised mainly of young players with age restrictions, as was the case at last year’s Hangzhou Asian Games. If one grows up by wearing catcher’s mask, his dream will not be to become a national flag in two years.

Now, he is focusing on the actual game as a batter and training as a catcher. The “LG Kim Bum-suk Project” has been launched in earnest to foster genius batters as the best catcher.

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