“Found a vocation” starting pitcher 2 losses ERA 13.50 → First win without allowing a run in 2 innings. “Good control, good subordination. It’s not easy to deal with the first at-bat.”

Unfortunately, he failed as a starting pitcher. However, he started anew as a long relief pitcher, and secured his first win, hinting at his potential for success.토토사이트

Samsung Lions left-hander Lee Seung-min got off to a good start as he won his first game as a new relief pitcher. Samsung manager Park Jin-man also highly regarded Lee’s chances of success as an interim pitcher.

At a home game against the LG Twins at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu on Sunday, Lee took the mound as the second pitcher in the top of the sixth inning after starting pitcher Denny Reyes. He came out when he was trailing 0-3, but he allowed no hit and no run in the top of the sixth inning, and after turning the game around 7-3, he also came out in the top of the seventh inning and blocked three outs. He gave no hit, one walk, three strikeouts and no run during the two innings. It was impressive to see him stable even though he threw a fastball of up to 141 kilometers.

The LG he faced was his first starting pitcher this season and suffered a loss. He became a losing pitcher with eight hits (one home run), one walk, two strikeouts and six runs during the four innings he started in Jamsil on March 28. He allowed two hits and no runs until the second inning, but he was beaten from the third inning when the batting order went around once.

In the match against KIA in Gwangju on Sunday, Lee had six hits (one homer) and one walk, one strikeout and three runs during three ⅓ innings, and in the match against NC in Daegu on Sunday, he had eight hits (three homers) and five walks, two strikeouts and eight runs in four innings, marking his second loss. In his three starts, he had two losses and a sluggish 13.50 ERA. Eventually, Lee, who moved to the second division, changed his position to a long relief pitcher, and immediately took the mound to become the winning pitcher with clean pitching.

“There were ups and downs when I started the game, but we discussed it while analyzing our performance,” coach Park said of Lee Seung-min. “As the number of pitches increases and the batting order rotates, the ball loses a lot of strength. However, I judged that it would be more effective if I moved to the middle because I had good ball control and good ball power compared to the speed at which it was taken,” he said.

Coach Park continued, “I won my first game while pitching well in my first game, and he confirmed it to us,” adding, “Our bullpen is physically burdened, so I think it will be a great help.”

On Lee’s strength, Park said, “I like short arms and subordinate players. That’s why it’s not easy for batters to deal with first-time at bat. LG hitters also showed such performance.”

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