“I hope my record won’t be broken” is a year younger than the ‘Invincible Changyong’ 24 years ago, the 22-year-old Tigers’ finishing 100SV gold tower

KIA Tigers closer Jung Hae-young has achieved a new record of 100 saves as the youngest player in the KBO League. It is a year younger than the undefeated Changyong 24 years ago.

Jung Hae-young took the mound as a relief pitcher in the ninth inning against the Kiwoom Heroes in Gocheok on April 24 and kept his team’s 6-4 victory with 20 pitches, one hit, and one strikeout in one inning.핑크알바

On this day, KIA allowed starting pitcher Yoon Young-chul to give a first run as he hit Lee Yong-kyu with a timely RBI in the bottom of the third inning with one out and runners on second base. Since then, with Yoon Young-chul restraining additional runs until the end of the fifth inning, KIA’s batters have fought back in the top of the sixth inning.

In the top of the sixth inning with one out and runners on the first and third bases, Kia succeeded in upsetting the game 2-1 with Lee Chang-jin’s tiebreaking grounder RBI and Kim Do-young’s timely triple. Lee Woo-sung then scored an additional point with a lucky timely double that fell between the inside and the outside.

Since then, Kia has gained momentum by adding three more runs in the top of the eighth inning. It fell into a crisis by allowing a run in the bottom of the eighth and ninth innings, but ended the game by achieving 100 saves in its personal career as closing pitcher Jung Hae-young blocked the reversal with runners on first and second bases with no outs in the bottom of the ninth inning.

He had 99 saves in his career in the previous day’s game, and was close to making 100 saves in his career. Lim Chang-yong (then Samsung Lions) became the youngest player to make 100 saves in the KBO league at 23 years, 10 months, and 10 days in 2000. As of April 25, Jung, who was 22 years, 8 months, and 2 days old, broke Lim’s record for the first time in 24 years.

He also achieved the record of double-digit saves for the 19th consecutive four-year in the KBO league with 10 saves in this season. This is the first time that a pitcher has played only in KIA in all four years. If he achieves 20 saves or more this season, he will become the seventh player to make 20 saves for the fourth consecutive year.

After the game, KIA manager Lee Bum-ho gave a bouquet of flowers to congratulate Jung and said, “I want to compliment Jung on his performance in the bottom of the ninth inning, when he became the youngest player to make 100 saves while protecting his team’s victory in a crisis situation. Congratulations on your achievement and I hope you build an even greater record in the future.”

Speaking to reporters after the match, Jung Hae-young said, “It feels like I just made one more save, so it doesn’t feel real yet. Above all, it’s good to keep the team’s victory in a difficult game today. I heard for the first time today that this is the record I broke in 24 years, and my record is rare, so I hope my record won’t be broken.”

Jung Hae-young, who joined KIA with the first nomination in 2020, pitched as a relief pitcher against KT WIZ in Gwangju on August 30 of that year and made his first save. Since then, Jung Hae-young, who has been a full-fledged closing pitcher since 2021, has been playing as the youngest guardian of the Tigers with 30 saves (21 years, 1 month, 1 day, the first Tigers) for two consecutive years on September 24, 2022, and 20 saves (for the first time) for three consecutive years on October 8, 2023.

“After being nominated as a professional, I thought I should stay with the first team only, but I never thought about how fast I would get 100 saves since I started as a finishing pitcher early. All my saves were difficult, but I remember the moment of my first save the most. I think it’s the result of eating well and exercising hard. I was able to take the finishing position for the fourth consecutive year thanks to good teammates in front of me. If I were the only one who struggled, I wouldn’t have been able to take the finishing pitcher for this long,” he nodded.

As a closing pitcher, Jung is facing the fate of having to make a blon save. “When I make a blon save, the most difficult thing mentally is the sense of despondency and despondency that I feel when I give up a tie or upset. I just try to forget it while sleeping. I’m glad that I don’t fall in love too deeply,” Jung said with a smile.

Jung hoped to become the closing pitcher of the winning team, rather than other records this season. “I was concerned about the speed of my pitches that I lost last year, but I’m glad that I started smoothly while preparing well for the off-season. Honestly, I don’t have a goal to look far away from personal records. As I focused on the game every day without much thought, I achieved 100 saves. I just want my team to win this season,” Jung said.

When the interview with reporters was over, teammates continued to wash water for him. With a bright smile, Jung enjoyed the joy of making 100 saves while exchanging water washing with teammates. While engaging in physical fight with Choi Ji-min, Jang Hyun-sik ran out with a chair and made others laugh. The 100-save commemorative ball was won by Yoon Young-chul, who won three games this season.

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