“I can never hit the Heysus ball.” KIA Kim Do-young lying? That’s not wrong…Van Hekken → Yokishi → left-hand 151 km, not unusual

Yoon Young-chul, a smiley guy of the KIA Tigers, was told the above by Kim Do-young during the match against the Kiwoom Heroes in Gocheok on the 24th. As the Kiwoom Heroes’ left-handed starter Enmanuel de Heissus’ ball is tricky, he put pressure on Yoon Young-chul, who had a showdown with the starting pitcher, not to lose a point.먹튀검증

Of course, that was not what Kim said seriously. He was playful. Crucially, what he said was a lie. In the top of the sixth inning with two outs and a runner on the second base, Kim hit a two-run double to directly hit the central fence. He put the pitcher who said he could never hit the ball in a losing game.

However, if you think about it carefully once more, Kim is not wrong. In fact, the KIA lineup failed to hit Heysus’ ball at all until the fifth inning. Lee Chang-jin, who started as the second batter, hit a left-handed double in the first inning, and then stepped down as 14 consecutive hitters until the fifth inning was over. The chance in the sixth inning came as Kim avoided making 15 consecutive hitters due to his left-center hit.

“He is the pitcher with the most spin in the league. He needs to focus from the beginning,” coach Lee Bum-ho said of Jesus before the game. If he had failed to display cohesiveness in the sixth inning, no one knew how the game would fare. He gave up three runs in the sixth inning alone, but allowed five hits, seven strikeouts, and three runs in the sixth inning. He pitched just 84 pitches.

He shot a maximum fastball of 151 kilometers, even though he was a left-hander. He also hit 151 kilometers with changeups, sliders, and curves. He mixed five cutters. He hit 58 strikes while using six pitches.

According to Statiz, a baseball statistics site, the average speed of four-seam ball in this season is 149.1 kilometers. Fastball that exceeds the late 140 kilometers and early 150 kilometers. He even enjoys a good sense of decoration as a left-hander. As the number of rotations is high as coach Lee Bum-ho has, batters must have more ball power than that.

He has three wins and three losses, 3.51 ERA in six games, and a batting average of 0.230 WHIP 1.08. He does not have very good control and command, so he can hit hard, but he does not suffer from ups and downs. He does not give up many walks. There is a good chance that his ERA will go down a bit.

Kiwoom succeeded by recruiting left-handed foreign pitchers Andy Van Hekken, Ryan Pierband and Eric Jokish. Van Hekken and Jokish have lived longer in Kiwoom alone, winning 73 games and 56 games, respectively. Notably, Jokish had 56 wins and 36 losses with a 2.85 ERA in 130 games over the past five years. He was the club’s best foreign pitcher, just because his luck didn’t follow.

They weren’t the pitchers the club initially hired as the first starter. It was a low-cost, high-efficiency second starter card that supported the first foreign starter, but there was something in common that hit the jackpot as a result. Olhe Heyesus also showed the possibility of entering the ranks.

The “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” game between the Lotte Giants and the Kiwoom Heroes took place at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the afternoon of April 12, 2024. Kiwoom starter Hisus is pitching hard./My Daily

Kim Do-young’s words were lied as a result, but in the industry, Jesus is already known as a tricky pitcher. Ariel Furado and Heysus, and a young foreign one-two punch born in 1996, are Kiwoom’s hopes this year.  

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