“Opening game again” LG, everyone who can come right away is here. If you can’t get up, it’s over

If you want to ride on an upward curve, you fall. After repeatedly going up and down, he returned to his winning rate of 50% several times. Considering that only a month has passed, it is a severe ups and downs. This is the case in the early part of this season for defending champion LG.

He shoots a margin of victory and loss of plus three and then goes down. Even if he makes a winning series, he will suffer consecutive losses and falter. Due to the defeat against Doosan in Jamsil on the 14th, his win rate has virtually reached below .500 for the first time in five years. Since then, he seemed to rebound with four wins, one loss and one draw in six games, but he lost the first two consecutive games in Daegu.메이저놀이터

This trend is similar to the situation in which Gwangju lost all games. As of Thursday, the team had 13 wins, 13 losses, and two draws, returning to exactly a winning percentage of 50 percent. When it played 28 games last year, it had 17 wins and 11 losses with a margin of plus six.

There is no reasonable outcome. Both batters and pitchers are different from the same timing last year. Based on 28 games, his team’s batting average was 0.293, ranking first in last year’s games. He is ranking second this year with 0.284. There is not much difference in batting average alone, but a deeper look into it shows that it is different.

In terms of team OPS (on-base plus slugging percentage), LG ranked first with 0.786 last year, and only ranked seventh with 0.757 this year. Overall, OPS increased as the number of long hitters increased, but LG’s OPS has nothing to do with this. The OPS is lower than the average OPS of 0.760 in the league. This was especially true of the two games in Daegu, a batter-friendly stadium. The team was completely lagging behind Samsung in terms of firepower.

The same applies to pitchers on the mound. At this time last year, he ranked second with a 3.34 ERA. This year, he ranked fifth with a 4.61. He managed to find an alternative and minimize the number of lost goals. The bullpen session was like that. He leaped to the order of Ham Deok-ju, Park Myung-geun, Baek Seung-hyeon, and Yoo Young-chan to create a new winning formula. This year, he constantly throws new cards, which is not effective. As many cards that he expected failed to win, only his winning formula changed several times.

It is not without hope. Kim Jin-sung, who was the best middle pitcher in the second half of last year, returned to the first team on the 24th. Jung Woo-young is also scheduled to join the first team on the 26th. Except for Ham Deok-joo, who is rehabilitating after surgery, and Lee Sang-young, who is reorganizing, the two left-handed pitchers who can come are all here. A new card for the squeaky starting lineup is also set to open. Kim Yun-sik will make his first start of the season against KIA in Jamsil on the 26th.

After all, it was “Debs.” Debs was the key to winning the title last year. Although the main players’ injuries overlapped several times, they constantly looked for alternatives to overcome the crisis. With their new faces playing well, they all showed off their powerful players.

So far, his performance has been off-beaten. However, he can regain confidence if his main players come back and play well. Kim Jin-seong defended well with an ERA of 2.61 hits and a 0.225 hit rate in 11 games before leaving the team due to illness of a cold. He did not always block crises, but he recorded three holds. Jung Woo-young, who has thrown balls only in the second division without taking the mound in the first division this year, did not lose any point during four games in the Futures League.

LG Kim Jin-sung. Photo | LG Twins

Three must-win groups of Yoo Young-chan, Park Myung-geun and Lee Woo-chan are not enough. Notably, there is no right pitcher to put out fires when runners are full in the middle of a game. Therefore, Kim Jin-seong needed to make a comeback. Kim Jin-seong scored 33.8 percent of the number of runs lost to successors of the LG Twins in the second half of the year, ranking at least the third in this category. Kim Jin-seong served as a troubleshooter in the crisis with 29.0 percent of the number of runs lost to successors in the second half of the year. Jung Woo-young, who became the “hold king” in 2022, also recorded a good record of 25.5 percent of the runs lost to successors at the time. The challenge is how much to reduce the number of runs lost to successors by 38.7 percent this year.

The flow changes in an instant. When you ride the momentum, it rises without a hitch. This was the case with LG in May last year. The team hit a margin of victory and loss of plus 10 in May alone. It went up as much as possible ahead of June when the season’s games will be decided. As I climbed up when I had to, I made a season that I will remember forever.

Now is the time to step up this year. If a returning player plays and wins, the flow will naturally be created. If the opposite result comes out, a fall without wings could come. Whenever his team faces a .500 winning percentage due to faltering performance, he said, “Let’s think it’s the opening game and start over.” The next week could be the most important moment in the early race.

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