“I’ll give up on the rookie king”. Why did he say that

KT Wiz rookie pitcher Wonsang Hyun (19) has recorded his first win since his debut in the pro baseball league. At a game against the Hanwha Eagles held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on Saturday, Wonsang pitched as a starting pitcher and became the winning pitcher by allowing three hits, two walks, and three strikeouts during six innings.

He blocked Hanwha’s batters well with his maximum speed of 148 kilometers of fastballs (33), main weapon curves (12), and change-up (38). KT won the game 9-0, and Won recorded his first win (starting win) as a professional player in six games.

In the first inning, Choi In-ho, a top hitter, hit a double off the first pitch, and he almost lost a point. He pitched seven consecutive breaking balls against Peraza, and struck out swinging and hitting a 126 kilometer changeup. Afterwards, Roh Si-hwan hit a grounder to shortstop and Chae Eun-seong hit a fly ball to center field to overcome the crisis.메이저사이트

In the second inning, Ahn Chi-hong, the leadoff hitter, gave a hit to the right field, Hwang Young-mook a double play to the first baseman and Lim Jong-chan a 126 kilometer curveball to strike out rookie. Since then, there has been no significant crisis. He had a walk after one out in the third inning, a walk after the leadoff hitter in the fourth inning, three outs in the fifth inning, and a hit after one out in the sixth inning, but ended the game scoreless.

Won said, “It’s very meaningful. I think the previous games were so hard that I felt a bit touched and overwhelmed today,” adding, “Honestly, it was very hard. I consumed my emotions a lot, and I shed a lot of tears.”

“I’m still a rookie and I still have a lot of days left to play baseball, but I thought I should catch it when I get the opportunity now and work hard. I kept watching the parts that I couldn’t do, and after talking a lot with the coach and coach, I practiced a lot of changeups, and I think that led to a good result,” he said.

There are many players with good performances by rookies this year. Hwang Joon-seo of Hanwha, Kim Taek-yeon of Doosan, and Jeon Mir of Lotte are drawing attention.

After the game, Won Won-hyun asked, “I had a lot of good motives, but it’s a stimulus,” and said, “In fact, Jun-seo, Taek-yeon, Mir when I went to Busan recently, and Kiwoom’s (Son) Hyun-ki and (Former) Jun-pyo are all doing well. In fact, I’m showing the most disappointing side, and now (six) Cheong-myeong is showing a good side, so I feel a little burdened, and I think I’ve been frustrated a lot about that.”

Yuk joined the team at the same time. Won was nominated in the first round of KT (7th) and Yuk Cheong-myung (17th) in the second round of KT. Yuk has a 2.45 ERA in three games without losing or losing any games. In his two starts, he allowed one run in five innings and three runs (two earned) in five innings.

Won Won-hyun had one loss and a 7.88 ERA in five games before the game. He had a hard time with nine hits and seven runs in two innings against SSG on the 13th.

When Won Won-hyun said, “I think I will be stimulated by Yuk Cheong-myeong,” he said, “I was stimulated a lot. It definitely became a good synergy. I wish I was doing well, but since Cheong-myeong had good results in a sluggish state, I learned something from him and I was a little envious and conscious. I think it was an opportunity to focus more and do well because Cheong-myeong threw well.”

When asked about his goals and plans for this year, Won said, “When I first came to the professional league, my goal was to survive in the first team for a long time. I was the rookie of the year in the middle, but I’ll actually give up on it now.”

It was awkward considering how I felt on the day I got my first win. “I think aiming for the Rookie of the Year is actually very ambitious, and I think it’s more like my dream to become a player who can help the team win, whether as a starter or a bullpen player,” he said.

Have they given up on winning the Rookie of the Year title because of the competition? “In fact, looking at the rookie pitchers, young players, and other clubs right now, I think it’s right for me to set my goal at my level, no matter how confident and courageous I am. I don’t need it right now, so I can get it in some way, and (small) Hyeong-jun also said that, so I’ll just do my best in the role that I’m given right now,” Won said.

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