Ma Hae-young, director of the headquarters, who informed the drug status, said, “I hope you don’t fall into a fake life.”

Ma Hae-young (54), head of the Little Baseball Federation, expressed his belief over the drug scandal that has resurfaced in the baseball world.스포츠토토

The fact that Oh Jae-won, a former baseball player who was arrested for violating the Narcotics Control Act, was prescribed psychotropic drugs by threatening his junior teammates (Doosan Bears) between 2021 and 2022 when he was a player is shocking to the baseball world. Eight Doosan players are suspected of handing Oh Jae-won a Zolpidem-based sleep-inducing drug, Steelnox tablets.

Ma Hae-young, the head of the team, said, “This incident happened not because he took drugs that affect performance like steroids, but because of a specific person (Oh Jae-won). However, there is a problem with the baseball community’s perception of drugs. It is also true that sloppy management has been revealed.”

Director Ma Hae-young, who debuted at Lotte Giants in 1995 and made a name for himself as a slugger until he retired from the LG Twins in 2007, revealed the drug use situation at the baseball scene in his 2009 memoir (baseball’s true color). The book said that Director Ma Hae-young witnessed quite a few players who had taken steroids habitually when he was a player, including many domestic players.

Back then, baseball players had mixed reactions. Some critics claimed that he was taking advantage of the drug to sell books. Some critics said the doping test should be strengthened to prevent people from taking banned substances completely. “We thought that cases of drug use should be eliminated in order to promote baseball development,” said Ma Hae-young, the team’s general manager.

Players were forced and threatened by Oh Jae-won and prescribed sleeping pills on behalf of him. The Professional Baseball Players Association criticized Oh Jae-won for being “humanitarian and illegal, which is simply impossible.”

The incident was not caused by active players taking medicine to improve their performance. However, Ma Hae-young said, “The baseball and sports sectors, which should give children dreams and hopes, should be recognized as clean areas,” and argued that players should never be involved in drug cases.

Currently, the Korea Anti-Doping Agency is conducting doping tests on professional baseball players. The Korea Baseball Organization is also not involved in the operation of the KADA. The inspection is conducted in such a tight manner that there are voices of criticism at the scene. Ma Hae-young, who called for the systemization of drug tests 15 years ago, once again raised his voice, saying, “We need to strengthen doping tests and raise the level of disciplinary action.”

“When I go through crises during my career as an athlete, I think of everything. I also had some really difficult moments,” Ma Hae-young said. “But taking drugs is a fake life. As an athlete, you have to earn a fair result from sweating. I hope you are not swayed by temptation.”

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