Yoon Young-chul’s “Basic Defensive Skills” that kept KIA’s victory

Kiwoom was overwhelming in the fight for the starting pitcher’s ball power. Heysus, who started Kiwoom against KIA-Kium in Gocheok on the 24th, bothered KIA batters by mixing sliders and changeups with a fastball of around 150 kilometers. KIA starter Yoon Young-chul had relatively many crises, giving up the first run in the third inning.스포츠토토

However, mound fights do not always differ based on pitching. The game was divided based on the defense capabilities of the two left-handed pitchers.

With runners on second base with no outs in the top of the sixth inning when his team was leading 1-0, Jesus gave up three runs with just one bunt defense. While dealing with Kim Ho-ryeong’s bunt hit that flowed towards third base, he moved slowly by half a beat and gave up an infield hit. It was a time when the situation changed to runners at first and third bases with no outs and the mood of the game changed dramatically. On the contrary, Yoon stopped chasing Kiwoom in the bottom of the seventh inning by seamlessly connecting the ground ball in front of the pitcher with no outs and a runner on first base.

It may seem like an ordinary defense scene, but it was never like that. The strong ball hit by Kiwoom’s Kim Hui-jip at first base with no outs was bound once and headed over Yoon’s head. In this scene, Yoon removed the ball with a glove on his right hand, turned counterclockwise, and threw it to a good position for second baseman Kim Sun-bin to catch.

If the batting direction was toward the third base or the front of the pitcher, Yoon would have thrown clockwise as well. However, Kim’s batting direction was closer to the first base from the center of the mound, forcing him to throw counterclockwise. When a left-hander makes a pitch while rotating counterclockwise, his balance tends to deteriorate. He also has to do the step once more. What made Yoon shine was a scene where he turned counterclockwise and connected with a one-step throw with proper speed and rhythm.

Pitchers also engage in defensive training. Notably, they spend a lot of time working on PFP (Peters Fielding Practice), including base cover, in the spring camp. However, pitchers become increasingly difficult to focus on PFPs in a season that flows depending on their schedule. This is because they spend most of their training time focusing on throwing balls, including bullpen pitching. Therefore, in order for pitchers to maintain the basic defense skills that they have learned in the camp, they need individual pitchers’ effort and awareness.

Yoon is in his second year as a rookie, but he seems to have a very high level of perfection in this regard. No pitcher can become a winning pitcher only with his ball power, speed, and ability to throw breaking balls. We need the basic skills contained in Yoon’s defense scene on the day.

The flow of the game could have been completely different if Yoon Young-chul had a bad pitch to the second base in the scene in the seventh inning when Kim Hwi-jip’s hit was taken for granted. So while KIA kept its 3-1 lead and immediately added three more runs in the eighth inning, one defense in the seventh inning was crucial.

Great pitchers have passed through the history of the Korean league. No great pitcher has thrown just the ball. The basic skills that a pitcher must possess, including check ability, slide step, and defense, can be a virtue that determines a pitcher’s level again. Yoon has another “good quality” that is not natural.

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