Cuevas’ first win of the season after ‘7th move’… LG overpowered the leading KIA for two consecutive days

Cuevas, the first starter of the professional baseball kt, won his first victory this season after his seventh attempt.스포츠토토

LG won back-to-back games against the leading KIA and wowed the home crowd.

The crisis came in the sixth inning for Cuevas, who was held scoreless until the previous inning.

After being hit by the leadoff hitter, he gave up one walk after another,

He allowed Choi Jung, the home run batter, to hit a double that hit the fence, allowing one run.

Cuevas’ “Ace” instinct came out in the two-point game, with no outs and runners on second and third base, which was reversed with just one home run.

After catching Han Yu-seom with a shortstop fly, he escaped the crisis on his own by striking out Heredia and Park Sung-han in a row.

Cuevas, who completed a quality start with a hard-throwing pitching that allowed one run and 11 strikeouts in six innings, finally won his first win of the season.

It’s a precious horse-riding victory achieved in his seventh appearance this season.

[Cuevas / kt Pitcher: I’ve always said that I’m happy if I can be of help to my team. I hope I can win a lot from now on as I’ve come back to win one game]

In Jamsil, LG won three consecutive games by showing its potential to subdue the leading KIA for two consecutive days.

Kim Bum-seok, the next-generation big gun in the seesaw game, which gives up the turnaround after scoring the first point, brought the atmosphere with a cool shot.

Samsung made seven big innings in the eighth inning, winning back-to-back games against Kiwoom and rising to third place alone,

Hanwha, which replaced its batting coach, finally got out of a six-game losing streak by exploding 12 hits.

NC laughed for two consecutive days in the Nakdonggang River battle between NC and Lotte.

With more than 85,000 spectators entering five stadiums nationwide on the same day, this season’s KBO league surpassed 2 million spectators, the second-fastest ever.

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