Doyoung and Sungbeom table setters like Betts and Otani?…Strong flower director. “It’s good to stick it together, but number 3 and 4 are ideal.”

Will the team be able to see Kim Do-young and Na Sung-beom table setters just like LA Dodgers table setters Mookie Betts and Shohei Ohtani? KIA manager Lee Bum-ho expressed concern over formation of batting order while Na Sung-bum is set to return.토토사이트

Na Sung-bum played in the match against Sangmu of the Hampyeong Futures League on April 27, and recorded one hit in three times at bat. It was the first real game in which he completed rehabilitation after suffering a hamstring injury while running base against the Gwangju KT WIZ in an exhibition game on March 17.

Coach Lee Bum-ho has announced that he will be registered in the first team next week, when Na Sung-bum will return. Lee has already said that Na does not need to play many Futures League games. Chances are high that Na will make the roster of the first team roster for the match against KT WIZ in Gwangju on May 30 or May 1.

“The Futures team sent me a video clip of Na Sung-bum’s batting today, and he looked good. Na Sung-bum will likely join the first team for the home series. Even after moving to the first team, the team plans to carefully train for several days along with pinch-hitters and designated hitters to decide when to play in defense. It can be burdensome to ask him to play 100 percent from the start. “As the starting pitcher is left-hander (Benjamin), I will decide whether to register on May 30 or May 1 after watching the circumstances,” Lee said.

If Na returns, Lee may be agonizing over the team’s batting order. Under the new stance that both Kim Do-young and Na Sung-bum are following, the key is where the two players will be placed in the batting order. The Los Angeles Dodgers is using Betts and Ohtani, the best hitters in the Major League, as table setters by attaching them to the first and second batting orders. Is there a possibility that Kim Do-young and Na Sung-bum will also be placed in the table setter position where they can appear most often.

“The synergy effect of putting (Kim) Do-young and (B) Sung-beom together will be quite good. The key is whether to put (Kim) at No. 2 or No. 3. If there is another batter who is in good condition to be in the second batter’s box, I think it would be a good idea to use it at No. 3 or No. 4. On the contrary, if it is not the case, putting it at No. 2 or No. 3 would have a higher chance of scoring,” Lee said.

“Personally, if all hitters are in good condition, Kim Do-young’s No. 3 and Na Sung-bum’s No. 4 would be ideal for the future,” Lee said. “(Choi) Won-jun had good batting average and RBI results when he was in No. 9. I was also thinking about raising him to No. 2, but given Won-jun’s personality, No. 9 might be better.”

Lee’s decision to use Kim Do-young as the leadoff seems to have deviated from his choice. “I think it would be a waste to use Kim Do-young as the leadoff. He is a player who will have an RBI in the central lineup, but no matter how many times he survives on No. 1, baseball is the only one who gets a point. I don’t think that’s a good idea, so it’s better to be at No. 2 to score two or three points. There is a higher chance of hitting an opponent’s pitcher only when Doyoung has more runners than when there are no runners against him. I try not to put Doyoung at No. 1 as chances for a big inning also increase,” Lee said.

KIA gave up the Winning Series this weekend when it lost two consecutive games in an away series with the LG Twins. Although the number of runners on base was not small, the flow was often cut off in scoring opportunities. In the end, attention is being paid to whether the KIA bench will be able to find the ideal team batting order with Na Sung-bum’s return amid concerns about the team batting order.

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