Married man Park Chan-ho gives way to Bachelorette Kim Do-young…TWICE finally stopped pitching four times in a row

Jamsil Stadium shook even before the game. The stadium was packed early on due to the weekend showdown between the two most popular teams. Moreover, the value of the first pitchman on the day was also strong.메이저사이트

Sana, a member of the group TWICE, threw the first pitch ahead of the match between the KIA Tigers and the LG Twins at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on the 26th.

When Sana appeared on the field, surprised fans erupted in cheers, and the players’ eyes were also focused on Sana.

The entrance and exit of the first pitchman at Jamsil Stadium is a passageway next to the third-base dugout. Thanks to this, KIA players who were warming up on the ground watched Sana closely with curious expressions.

Park Chan-ho, who was warming up at the waiting at bat, smiles at Sana who appeared at the ground entrance. KIA’s first batter on the day is Park Chan-ho. In some cases, juniors take over, but usually the first batter takes the batter’s box for the first pitcher. Plus, if the first pitcher is TWICE SANA…

TWICE SANA is finally on the ground. Kim Do-young and Lee Chang-jin’s eyes are on SANA.

Sana, who prepared for the first pitch fashion with casual jeans and a short LG uniform top, greets baseball fans.

Sana on the mound and Kim Do-young on the 3rd batter, not Park Chan-ho on the 1st.

Sana’s ball, which threw the first pitch in a great position, headed exactly to catcher Park Dong-won’s mit.

SANA’s smile that finished the first pitch perfectly

As soon as LG catcher Park Dong-won received the ball, he playfully tapped Kim Do-young’s stomach.
Meanwhile, girl group TWICE threw 10 pitches to pray for victory, starting with member Jeongyeon’s first pitch in 2016 and Sana on the same day.

However, LG lost all four of the most recent first pitches, overshadowing the title of victory fairy.

After Sana’s first pitch, LG came from behind to win 6-3 against KIA, and Twice finally escaped from its fourth consecutive first pitch.

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