“Good Foreigner” who only heard the Korean director that he had never seen before and learned change-up… but why did he decide to abandon that weapon

LG Twins foreign pitcher Ence is going into a new transformation during the season. He has decided to give up his ambitious changeup. It is a big decision for a professional player.메이저놀이터

Ens is a pitcher that LG, which aims to build a dynasty, ambitiously recruited ahead of this season. He was expected to serve as the first starter, and actually pitched in the opening game against the Hanwha Eagles.

He got off to a good start. He had a win in the opening match against the Kiwoom Heroes, followed by 11 strikeouts and no runs in six innings. However, he was sluggish after allowing seven runs in four innings against the NC Dinos on Saturday. The matches against the Kia Tigers and the Lotte Giants went smoothly, but the matches against the SSG Landers and KIA in the last two games were not good again. Notably, the match against the SSG collapsed by allowing eight runs in five innings.

Basically, the ball power is good. And it was unfamiliar because it was the KBO debut season. However, it can be interpreted as a case where the opponent team gradually adapts, analyzes its power, and fails to overwhelm.

Manager Yeom Kyung-yeop also had no choice but to take urgent measures. After the match against Kia on Tuesday, he had a meeting with Ence. He decided to abandon his changeup and start cultivating forkballs and splitters. Why did this conclusion come to that.

In fact, he had no choice but to be nervous. N.S. was not a pitcher who threw changeups. However, after signing a contract with LG, he received an order from Yeom. Yeom concluded that the reason why N.S. failed in the Japanese game despite having good balls was because he had no breaking balls that were falling off. That’s why he ordered him to continue his changeups before joining the spring camp.

Most of them were foreign players with strong self-esteem, and N.S. faithfully performed it. And although it was not perfect in the camp, he was satisfied by spraying changeups that exceeded his expectations.

However, practice and practice are quite different from each other. After the opening game, problems were exposed in the changeup. As he was an unfamiliar pitch type, he was not properly deployed at the moment when he was nervous. For example, a changeup’s life is to slow down the speed, but when his arm swing goes out at the same speed as a fastball without realizing it, an ambiguous ball that does not fall off and slows down flies in. He became a prey that could be really good to hit at around 140 kilometers.

Even in the KBO League, batters have increased dramatically, and it is impossible to survive without falling balls. Yeom said, “There is only one path, so it is easier for opposing batters to deal with the situation. That is why the number of pitches increases. A batter usually makes three fouls. This is why the number of pitches exceeds 100 after just five innings.”

So the method he found was forkball and splitter. “Forkball and splitter have the same pitching pattern as fastball. It’s just different grip. That’s why N.C. will be able to throw more easily,” Yeom predicted.

Of course, this new challenge is not 100% guaranteed to be successful. It is said that N.S. has never thrown a forkball in his professional career. “The only thing that N.S. can add off-speed pitches is the splitter,” Yeom stressed.

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