I don’t even think there’s a good selection…Moon Dong-ju’s decision to go to the second division, will Hanwha be able to withstand this crisis

The professional baseball Hanwha Eagles sent fire bowler Moon Dong-ju (20) down to the second division. With no alternative starting pitcher suitable, the decision was made after much consideration.

Hanwha registered left-hander Lee Choong-ho on the 29th, excluding right-hander Moon Dong-ju from the first-team entry. It is the first time since his debut in 2022 that Moon Dong-ju went down to the second division due to poor performance, not injury or physical care.토토사이트

Moon has lost one win and two in six games (26 ⅔ innings) this season, failing to meet expectations with an ERA of 8.78. He is the only pitcher with an ERA of eight out of 35 pitchers who threw 25 or more innings. Both WHIP (2.21) and hit-to-hit ratio (.380) are the worst in the league based on the same criteria.

He had a rough time in both of his appearances last week. He struggled with seven hits, two walks, and four strikeouts (four earned runs) in four ⅔ against the Suwon KT on the 23rd, and suffered a hard hit against the Doosan Bears in three ⅓ on the 28th, with 10 hits (three homers) and one walk, one strikeout, and nine runs. Nine runs is the highest number of runs lost in a single game.

Given his performance, it is natural for him to join the second team. However, considering the circumstances of the Hanwha Eagles, it was not an easy decision to drop Moon to the second team. With Kim out for the season due to elbow surgery, there is currently no pitcher suitable for replacement.

Among the bullpen resources in the first division, long relief Lee Tae-yang and Jang Min-jae have ample experience as starters. However, Lee Tae-yang had difficulty controlling his condition due to Lee Seok-seong before the season and went through a brief period of adjustment in the second division. In the match against Doosan in Daejeon on the 28th, which was his return match to the first division, he lost eight games (7 ⅔ innings) and had an 8.22 ERA, including a grand slam hit by Yang Seok-hwan in the fifth inning. Jang Min-jae, who was called up to the first division on the 16th, has a 3.00 ERA in three games (6 innings), but struggled against Doosan on the 28th with two innings of five hits, one walk, two strikeouts and two runs.

In the second division, young pitchers such as Nam Ji-min, Jung Yi-hwang, Cho Dong-wook, and Bae Min-seo are making the starting rotation. Nam Ji-min, who has a career experience of starting 30 games in the first division, is considered an alternative candidate. He has a 1.86 ERA in five Futures League games (two starters) with one loss and two holds, but his pitching is not very good with 10 hits and five strikeouts in nine ⅔. He lost against Doosan on the 27th, his most recent appearance, in two ⅔ innings, six hits, two walks, one strikeout and seven runs (two earned runs).

Moon Dong-ju went to the second team in the face of the expected replacement starters’ conditions or poor recent trends. It takes 10 days to re-register the first-team entry, but he has to skip the starting rotation at least once. There is no problem with his physical condition, but he cannot be sure of a call-up after 10 days because it needs to be reorganized overall.

Already, Hanwha had its worst April ever, and a sense of crisis is escalating. In March, the team garnered seven consecutive wins after losing the opening game, which caused a sensation, but the team plummeted to five wins and 17 losses (winning rate of .227) in April. Since then, the team has had five consecutive losses, three consecutive losses and six consecutive losses, plunging its once-ranked team to eighth place. While bullpen sessions and batters’ ups and downs have continued throughout the season, the team’s starting baseball, which used to be Hanwha’s strength at the beginning of the season, is also on shaky ground. Last week, five starting pitchers allowed five or more runs in all six games, and the team collapsed one after another.

Against this backdrop, the Hanwha Eagles’ decision to send Moon to the second division seems to believe that the team should not remain as it is now. The team should find lost ball balance and control and redefine pitching design. The Hanwha Eagles who took the risk must endure until Moon returns to a proper condition. If the team fails to overcome this crisis now, rebound for the rest of the season will be really difficult. It is an important time for both Moon and the team.

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