Jung Woo-joo? Jung Hyun-woo? BIG 5 is aiming for the “No. 1 overall” draft

The 2024 Shinsegae E-Mart Cup National High School Baseball Tournament ended on the 22nd with Deoksu High School’s second consecutive victory. As the high school baseball season begins in earnest, there is growing interest in who will win the first overall honor in the professional baseball draft this year. At this point, five promising pitchers are on the lookout.먹튀검증

The first priority is Jeon Ju-ju and right-handed pitcher Jung Woo-joo. The maximum speed of the fastball is 155km/h, and the average speed of 150km/h from the first pitch to the 45th pitch is strong. Even up to 60 pitches, the speed of the ball hardly falls below 145km/h. On top of that, when the vertical movement is good, it can easily exceed 60cm. If the vertical movement is excellent, the trajectory of the ball falls less, and the ball seems to rise from the batter’s point of view. As such, the rate of swing and miss increases and the probability of hitting a ball decreases.

Consistency of breaking balls is a task. He uses splitters, sliders, and changeups, but there are ups and downs in each game. At the final round of the Shinsegae E-Mart Cup, he also struggled, allowing five hits (one homer) in five and two thirds of innings against Deoksu. The task is to improve the completeness of the breaking ball, which is to be used as a decisive tool.

Deoksu High School’s left-handed pitcher Chung Hyeon-woo is also notable. His fastball speed has improved compared to last year, and he throws balls up to 152 km/h faster. In addition, he has a wide range of pitching repertoires, ranging from 130 km/h sliders in the early and mid-range, change-ups in the late 120 km/h, and curves in the early 120 km/h range. As he throws various breaking balls with slightly different ball speeds, he is bound to be misled as a batter. A team scout also compares Hwang Joon-seo (Hanwha Eagles) who was selected as the first choice in the rookie draft last year with Chung. “I liked Hwang the most when I was a second grader at Jangchung High School,” the scout said. “I feel like I am watching Hwang Jun-seo’s ball at that time when his ball speed was faster.”

The players who will challenge Jung Woo-joo and Jung Hyun-woo are Deoksu High School right-handed pitcher Kim Tae-hyung, Seoul High School right-handed pitcher Kim Young-woo, and Daegu High School left-handed pitcher Bae Chan-seung. Kim’s maximum fastball speed is 150 km/h, but his slider in the mid-to-late 130 km/h range has a sharp angle. On top of that, a splitter in the mid-to-late 120 km/h induces swing and miss.

Kim Young-woo, who returned to Korea after a year of rehabilitation treatment after elbow surgery last year, is also an ambush. Kim recently drew attention as he inserted a fastball of 156 kilometers per hour in the Major League Baseball (MLB). He has sharp slider and fork balls in the early and mid 130 kilometers per hour, and has a wide angle of knuckle curve in the early 120 kilometers per hour. However, there are times when his control is shaky due to his lack of experience in actual games. Some scouts reserve his maximum speed because he did not throw the ball at Mokdong Stadium in Seoul. “His ball speed at Mokdong Stadium is the same as that of a pro baseball player. However, his ball speed at school stadiums or provincial stadiums is only valuable as a reference material,” a scout for Team B said.

Bae Chan-seung, who was selected as a member of the youth team last year and displayed good pitching in the match against Japan at the U-18 Baseball World Cup, has a maximum fastball speed of 150 kilometers per hour. His stamina is so strong that he can shoot an average of 145 kilometers per hour up to the 60th ball. Two-seam fastballs, cut fastballs, changeups, splitters, and curves are mixed together to throw.

There is still some time left before the rookie draft. The current evaluation is subject to change at any time. It remains to be seen whether there will be any new player who will challenge the so-called “BIG 5.”

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