Rumors of the sale and the relocation of the home…”Windwind” that makes NC, which is doing well, uncomfortable

He deserves to feel embarrassed and displeased. The NC Dinos in the professional baseball league are struggling due to external issues, not internal ones.

NC was embroiled in an unexpected controversy over the relocation of its affiliation on the 29th. A conversation between KBO President Heo Gu-yeon and Rep. Choi Hyung-doo (Changwon Masanhappo, Gyeongnam), a member of the People’s Power, was made public. In this conversation, President Heo Gu mentioned the poor accessibility of Changwon NC Park, NC’s home ground. Choi Hyung-doo disclosed his conversation with President Heo Gu-yeon on his SNS, saying, “In places such as Seongnam City and Ulsan Metropolitan City in the metropolitan area, they are eager to attract professional baseball teams, but if the audience access to NC Masan Stadium is as difficult as it is now, the club was concerned that they could move their affiliated stadium to a city with good conditions even with a penalty.” It could be interpreted that the head of the KBO made a “blame” to local politicians that, in the worst case, the relocation of their affiliation could take place.

In fact, accessibility issues in the Changwon area, NC’s home base, are not new. As the construction process of the new stadium was disrupted, Changwon NC Park was built on the second-ranked site, not the site of the auxiliary stadium of Changwon Sports Complex, which ranked first in the feasibility study for selecting the location of the new stadium. It was close to a “dying city” where the glory of the past disappeared and the city lost its vitality.

On the other hand, the site of the Changwon Sports Complex Bogo Stadium is close to the downtown area of Changwon, where there is a large floating population. Currently, the Changwon LG Sakers are also using the indoor gymnasium in the sports complex as their home ground. The success of the new stadium was immediately disrupted by the construction of the stadium and the lack of accessibility. Public transportation is only three buses. Transfer is also essential to watch baseball in the Changwon area. Moving by car is the most reasonable way, but parking difficulties and traffic jams are inevitable.

Rep. Choi Hyung-doo responded, “I showed him a map of the urban railway line under discussion with the city government and explained the measures to Heo. Heo immediately showed the team officials as well and expressed his expectation. The subway line 1 connects Changwon and Masan Stadium, as shown in the photo. The plan also runs from Changwon Central Station to Jungang-ro, Changwon Industrial Complex, Bongam Bridge, Coastal Road next to Free Export Zone, NC Masan Stadium, and Masan Station,” he said.메이저사이트

The Changwon urban railway construction plan was approved by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in January and plans to apply to the Ministry of Strategy and Finance for a preliminary feasibility study to confirm the construction route in the first half and secure state funds in the second half. Construction will begin as early as 2029 and complete and open in 2031.

However, in the process, President Koo’s remarks embarrassed and displeased NC. The KBO explained, “The intention was to urgently improve transportation infrastructure for Changwon and NC fans, and to actively support local governments.” The intent is understandable. President Koo always preached the importance of building baseball stadiums and other surrounding environments and infrastructure. Changwon is understood to have made an extreme statement as it was an area with the poorest access infrastructure. However, the expression itself was radical and could be misunderstood.

Lee Jin-man, CEO of NC, said, “On the first day of the three consecutive games against Lotte on the 26th, President Heo Gu-yeon and members of the National Assembly came to see each other and talked about things. I think that was when he made such a comment without any club officials. I think that was posted on social media now,” explaining the background of the remarks on the relocation.

“From the club’s point of view, it is of course appreciated that the city or the National Assembly is working hard to improve transportation infrastructure such as urban railroads. It will be a great benefit to the entire citizens of Changwon. I thanked him for that,” he said, but added, “However, I learned later that the governor made a remark about the relocation of ties to Congressman Choi. In fact, what the governor said is not new. However, it is just his personal opinion. We are not planning to leave. I never said that I would leave Changwon because it would be difficult without infrastructure. I am not thinking about relocating ties at all.”

“Since its inception, our club has been making various efforts to take root in the region somehow and has been doing a lot of volunteer work. We are doing our best to integrate into the community and we will continue to do so. Why would we do these activities if we are going to leave?” he said, reiterating, “Our biggest task is for the players to perform well on the field and repay our local fans.”

Currently, NC is ranking second in the league with 19 wins and 11 losses. It also swept the three consecutive games of the Nakdong River derby against the Lotte Giants last weekend. The team also sold out the game for two consecutive days from July 27-28. The team is currently in an encouraging situation, but it has become embarrassed due to rumors of an untimely relocation of its affiliation. The biggest concern is players’ agitation.

“For the first time this year, we are approaching 10,000 spectators on average. Thank you so much for coming to see our fans in three consecutive games against Lotte. And we are now doing well in the second place,” Lee said. “But unless we are stupid, there is no reason to think about relocating our friendship while damaging this atmosphere. We are not comfortable with the fact that he said this without communication with us. The club was even more embarrassed. Young players read articles, too. I have to pay more attention to baseball, but I am worried that I will get stirred up. Fans will be offended, too,” he said, cautioning against further interpretation of the current situation.

Although the remarks of President Heo Gu-yeon are conversations that have been fully understood and recognized before, they are having difficulty borrowing from lawmakers to become an issue.

This is not the first time that NC baseball has become an issue outside of baseball. About a month ago, on Mar. 20, NCsoft, the parent company, held an online briefing session after switching to the co-representative system of CEO Kim Taek-jin and CEO Park Byung-moo.

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