I can’t believe the 8th team is selling out 17G in a row…Hanwha’s all-time box office record ended with a bang at the end of the ninth inning of shock

The professional baseball Hanwha Eagles’ record of selling out consecutive home games ended at 17. It increased the record of the most consecutive home games in the history of the KBO League by five more games, making it a box office hit that will not be easily broken for the time being. It is even more surprising because the record was made at a time when the ranking fell to eighth place.

A total of 10,890 spectators entered the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League SSG Landers home game held at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Tuesday. The total number of spectators was 1,10 short of 12,000 seats. The total number of consecutive home games sold out by the Hanwha Eagles came to an end in 17 games.스포츠토토

Starting with the season’s final match against Lotte on October 16 last year, Hanwha played 17 consecutive games in a packed crowd from March 29-31 this year, against KT on March 29-31, against Lotte on April 2 and 4, against KIA on April 12-14, against Samsung on 19-21, against Doosan on 26-28, and against SSG on May 1.

At the match against Doosan on April 26, Samsung set a new record of 13 consecutive home sales in the KBO League history. In 1995, Samsung had sold out 12 consecutive games from the game against Ssangbangwool on May 9 to the first game of doubleheader against Haitai on June 1, breaking the record for the first time in 29 years.

In addition, Hanwha had sold out for 17 consecutive games as it filled full capacity for four more games. It is a remarkable record that will not be easily broken even with a 12,000-seat “mini” stadium. It was an amazing performance by the team as it sold out four consecutive games on Saturdays, two on Tuesdays, and one on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Even before the season, the Hanwha Eagles received explosive attention. As major leaguer Ryu Hyun-jin made a surprise comeback for the first time in 12 years, spectators flocked to the exhibition game. After losing the opening game, the team started off the game with eight wins and two losses in 10 consecutive games, sending a great deal of love to Daejeon. The team also played six away games, including Jamsil (three games) and Gocheok (three games), and attracted huge success across the country.

It was a remarkable box office success in that Hanwha’s fans did not cool down even after its performance dropped. Hanwha had the worst record in the league with six wins and 17 losses (winning rate of .261) during the month of April. The ranking, which once ranked first, dropped by a whopping seven notches to eighth place. Performance is a box office hit. Usually, when the performance drops like this, there are empty seats in the stands.

Hanwha fans, however, were far from normal. Even after falling to the 8th place, five more games were filled with Hanwha Life Eagles Park. Regardless of their performance, Hanwha fans, who are known for their determination, showed a rare scene where the 8th-ranked team was recording box office records. Though the record of consecutive sold-out games was cut off, Tuesday was also a weekday night game with more than 10,000 spectators in attendance.

However, on the day when the milestone was over, Hanwha fans who visited the stadium witnessed another shocking defeat that cost a thousand dollars in their hearts. As they lost 3-4 to SSG, they knelt by one point for two consecutive days, and it was regrettable that the last attack at the end of the ninth inning was left.

Against SSG closing pitcher Moon Seung-won, leadoff hitter Jung Eun-won hit a double to the right-center field and became the tying runner. The next batter is Hwang Young-mook, who had a hit in the ninth inning against Moon on the previous day (on the 1st). Although he had no hit in three times at bat on the day, he had a bunt sign to Hwang, who has a good sense of hitting in the recent 15 consecutive games. Going from a second base with no outs to a strong ball makes him more likely to score runs, but he chose to increase his chances of scoring runs by making a third base with one out in order to immediately score one run.

However, as Hwang failed to bunt, the ball count was 2 to 2, and eventually, Moon Seung-won’s sixth fork ball struck out a swing and miss. Then, Chae Eun-seong as a pinch hitter came out to bat at Park Sang-eon, but he was out after two pitches due to a foul fly to the first base. Moon Hyun-bin, who returned to the primary league on the day, entered Lee’s at-bat. However, the game ended as Moon Hyun-bin was also caught grounded out to the second base. As expectations for a tie instantly cooled down, Hanwha fans began to bunt, and voices of disappointment and anger erupted among fans leaving the stadium.

It was only a result theory, but the game ended in failure, ranging from bunt attempts to pinch-hitters in succession, which left much to be desired. Hanwha, which had its first chance to win the Winning Series since April, is still in eighth place with 13 wins and 20 losses (winning rate of .394) this season. It is also lagging behind KT, which is ranking ninth, (13 wins, 21 losses, 1 draw and .382). The gap widened to five games with LG, which ranks fifth, (18 wins, 15 losses, 2 draws) and is now closer to Lotte, which ranks 10th, (9 wins, 22 losses, 1 draw of .290) by three games.

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