Should I make some bread? Dad.” “That’s useless.” Park Minho’s “Wandering” and “Lucky” victory

Park Min-ho (32) of the SSG Landers won the match against the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on the 1st. Park Min-ho, who took the mound as the team’s third pitcher, won the “Lucky Victory” with two scoreless innings. It was his 14th career victory in 759 days since the game against the KT Wiz in Suwon on April 5, 2022. After the game, I delivered my thoughts through the club’s promotional team, and the contents were quite impressive. “I want to send a message of support that my juniors can also play well on the first team stage,” he said, showing signs of concern over his baseball career.토토사이트

“I got too many calls (from the article),” Park Min-ho told reporters ahead of the match against Hanwha on Tuesday. “I haven’t played many games in the past two years. I once couldn’t play in the first team for a month. I think two years was the time to reflect on myself,” Park said. “I liked baseball since I was a child and often went to Munhak Stadium (currently SSG Landers Field in Incheon) even before I became a player. I have been playing baseball since elementary school, and I thought a lot about whether I should cover the page of baseball now.”

Park Min-ho, who graduated from East Incheon Middle School, Incheon High School, and Inha University, is an “Incheon native.” In 2014, he was selected by the SK Wyverns (currently SSG) as the 33rd overall pick in the third round of the second and third rounds of the 2014 rookie draft, and had the “lucky” to make his professional debut in his hometown team. However, he showed little performance. He pitched in more than 40 double-digit holds (11 in total) in 2020 and three consecutive games in 2021, but failed to secure his place in the first division. The wrist surgery he underwent after the 2020 season was not small. For various reasons, he seriously considered his future after the last season.

He also complained to his father, who runs a bakery, saying, “Shall I make bread? Dad?” The answer was, “You’re saying useless things.” “Cheer up. Just play baseball,” said Park Min-ho, who said he has a strong tendency toward T (rational) in his MBTI test. “If it’s true, I like factual violence,” he said. “I thought I should try it again. When I joined the spring camp, I prepared exactly the same thing.”

Park Min-ho, who was agonizing over his retirement after the last season, pitched. Courtesy of SSG

He was not without difficulties. He built himself up in the first camp for the Futures League but was pushed to the 2nd camp. Behind him is his juniors. While talking to reporters, Park called in Jung Joon-jae (21) who was passing by. Jeong Joon-jae, who was drafted in 2024, joined the first team a day earlier and trained with the team players on the second day. Asked “Is it okay?” to Jeong, he said, “(The team) is training a lot. As a young player, players may feel tired or exhausted. So I wanted to give them a message that they can do it,” he said. “I just said it because I wish the juniors would do well. Every word has influence, so I will save words.”

Park Min-ho should shoulder a lot. He should be a bridge between starting pitcher and finishing pitcher with a long relief that enables multiple innings. Forgetting the memory of victory, he prepares for tomorrow. “I am preparing to fight and win,” he said.

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