“The head is smart, the ball combination is good.” After hearing the compliment, the 25-year-old catcher goes for the main player

Han Jun-su (25), the second catcher of the KIA Tigers, hit his first home run. In a game against the KT Wiz in 2024, which took place at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on Sunday, he started as the eighth catcher for two consecutive days, and displayed a solo shot in the second inning. He showed his presence once again as an offensive catcher. In addition, he was even praised by manager Lee Bum-ho for being the mainstay.

It was right after Lee Woo-sung, the leadoff hitter, hit a left-handed homer in the bottom of the second inning. He took the batter’s box in the bottom of the second inning with his team leading 2-0, and rolled up a 130-km changeup of KT starter Yeom Sang-baek to hit the homer over the right side fence. It was his last hit of the season. He expressed hope that he would hit double-digit homers this year, but finally his first homer came out. He remained silent at the three subsequent at-bats.스포츠토토

He has posted a season-high performance of .351 with 10 homers, nine RBIs and a 0.856 OPS. He is also playing a significant role in offense, as he plays as the second catcher rather than the starting pitcher for full-time. He is clearly recognized for his batting ability. Hence, some predict that he will become the starting pitcher if his defense capability is strengthened. Lee also acknowledged the possibility in defense.

Before the game on Sunday, Lee praised Han Jun-su for drawing the first complete game in harmony with Yang Hyeon-jong. “He is smart depending on the situation. Hyeon-jong probably did it as well because Chun Sung-ho’s double play (with one out and a full base in the seventh inning) was also signed by Jun-su. Once the analysis is completed, the player can also move with data. “He is smart. Tae-gun is also smart. He takes care of many things and uses Takeshi’s thoughts a lot,” he said in favorable comments.

“I thought I would become a regular player one day. He has strong attack capability and good shoulders. Right-handed hitting also has strong points. I think it is difficult to become a regular player if the growth of ball mixing, especially blocking, is slow. I practiced a lot at the spring camp. Anyone makes small mistakes such as blocking. I will manage the game stably.”

In particular, he applauded the mindset that values defense, which is the catcher’s first virtue. “I can’t blame the offense anymore. Now I don’t feel depressed as before because the bat doesn’t fit me, and I will just defend today,” he said happily. Even if I don’t get a hit, he smiled and took the ball. He puts defense ahead of offense.”

Left-handed hitter Han Jun-su wears a starting mask when his opponent’s starting pitcher is a right-handed pitcher. He wanted to utilize his batting ability. On the day, he played with ace James Nail. He hit his first home run, but made mistakes in defense. He allowed a run because he couldn’t catch the throw of the outfield relay in the eighth inning. Nail also missed the big-angle sweeper two times. As Coach Lee said, he is making big and small mistakes, and is thus growing as a starting pitcher.

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