“Get 0.2g from an acquaintance…”Continuing to investigate accomplices and other crimes” Prosecutors additionally indict Oh Jae-won on charges of “receiving pilophones.”

Former professional baseball player Oh Jae-won (39), a former national team player who is on trial for repeatedly administering drugs such as methamphetamine, has been additionally charged with receiving methamphetamine.토토사이트

The Seoul Central District Prosecutors’ Office said on May 3 that it additionally indicted Oh on charges of receiving about 0.2 grams of methamphetamine from an acquaintance, identified only by his surname Lee, in November last year.

Oh was put on trial last month on charges of administering methamphetamine 11 times and receiving 2,242 sleeping pills containing Zolpidem.

Lee was arrested and charged with issuing 0.2g of methamphetamine to Oh and selling and injecting 250ml of sleeping anesthetics five times from December last year to January this year, and selling 400 drugs to Oh 21 times from August last year to January this year.

The sleeping anesthetic injected by Lee to Oh was not designated as a psychotropic drug, so Oh escaped punishment for this part.

The prosecution said, “We will strictly deal with the spread of drugs and continue to investigate accomplices and other crimes in close consultation with the police.”

Oh’s lawyer said at the first hearing held on the 1st, “We deny the charges of assault and intimidation for retaliation and confess all the remaining charges (drug administration).”

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