Why in the world? Hanwha passed 100 wins in total without a bouquet of flowers

When Han Yong-deok resigned in June 2020, Hanwha manager Choi Won-ho took the helm of the first division as acting manager. Choi Won-ho, then the second division manager, took charge of the Hanwha first division, which had already fallen to the bottom, and recorded 39 wins (three draws and 72 losses) in the year as acting manager for the longest period in history.먹튀검증

In the following year, Choi moved back to the second division when the Hanwha Eagles hired Carlos Subero. In the third year last year, the Hanwha Eagles replaced Subero and appointed Choi Won-ho as its head coach on the night of the May 11 game after the rebuilding process failed. Choi took the helm of the Hanwha Eagles in a hurry from the day after Subero was sacked, and won 47 games (5 draws and 61 losses).

And this year, the Hanwha Eagles under Choi Won-ho won 14 games (20 losses) through victory over the KIA Tigers on Tuesday. In addition to his win as an acting manager, Choi Won-ho has won 100 games overall in the Hanwha Eagles. This is the 57th record for the head coach in the history of professional baseball.

Until Kim Sung-keun was dismissed midway through 2017, he had 150 wins in two and a half years, and Subero had 106 wins in 319 matches in two months. Choi Won-ho had 100 wins in 261 matches since his time as an acting coach.

Jung Woo-ram is delivering a bouquet of flowers that Hanwha prepared to celebrate Carlos Subero’s 100th career victory after winning against Doosan on April 19 last year. Courtesy of Hanwha Eagles

His 100th career win is the official record of the KBO. It is a big record that the team should come first to celebrate. However, the Hanwha Eagles finished the game quietly without a bouquet of flowers after winning the match against KIA on Tuesday. Players were not aware of the record, but when the reporter brought up the story, he congratulated the manager on his 100th win.

Hanwha has been at the bottom of the standings for a long time. Naturally, it is the most public opinion-conscious of all the KBO League clubs. This year, the Korean pro-baseball team crashed dramatically after running so well right after the season opened. With the inclusion of Ryu Hyun-jin, the team expected significant synergies, and was also evaluated as a candidate for the top five due to a number of expected factors. Fans are also extremely excited about the results immediately after the season opened.

Coach Choi Won-ho, who was appointed as the coach in just over a month since the opening of last season, is being criticized by fans just a month after the opening of this year, which is only a year old. It is said that unknowingly, fans are making personal contact information and making personal attacks.

Park Chan-hyuk, CEO of Hanwha Eagles, hands a bouquet of flowers to Ryu Hyun-jin, who achieved his 100th career win on April 30. Courtesy of Hanwha Eagles

Clubs seem to be losing balance again. Some clubs celebrate their manager’s 100 wins and 200 wins, and have a small celebration in their squads. Any manager who wins 100 games has at least one photo to celebrate receiving a bouquet of flowers from a player. Hanwha quietly passed even its manager’s 100 wins, seemingly only paying attention to the fans. When asked by a reporter, he said, “We didn’t prepare any special event.”

A 100-win manager is more valuable to a team that has experienced the lowest point for a long time. Hanwha immediately held a celebration that it had prepared for Subero, who achieved 100 wins overall on April 11 last year. It was only a month before Subero’s dismissal.

Choi has never been inaugurated since he became the Hanwha Eagleshead coach. Last year, Hanwha announced both Suberos replacement and Choi Won-ho`s appointment during its winning streak. Considering public opinion, the inauguration ceremony was not completed under the pretext of “in the middle of the season.” Since various official events became commonplace, Choi is the only manager who has been appointed as the head coach but is still in charge of the team without an inauguration ceremony.

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