151km right-handed surprise appearance flower director excited… 23-year-old reserve dreaming of a trade myth “151km came out and I was surprised too”

A right-handed pitcher who threw 151 kilometers to the KIA Tigers appeared like a comet. It is Kim Do-hyun (23), a right-handed pitcher who transferred from Hanwha to a trade in 2022. When he returned from military service in February, his speed increased beyond recognition. The Futures team continued to report well and received a call-up for the first team beyond the status of the team. Attention is focusing on whether he will help the bullpen as a right-handed agent.먹튀검증

He was promoted to the mound in the eighth inning prior to the match against Hanwha in Gwangju on the 3rd. He allowed infield hits, but removed three outcounts without losing a point. He exited the mound after giving up a hit and a walk in the 9th inning, but Kim Sa-yoon blocked three outcounts without losing a point. His maximum speed was 151 kilometers. He had a sharp angle of curveball and change-up. He was an orthodox right-handed pitcher who was needed for a bullpen, but he seemed to have a welcome new face as he passed 150 kilometers.

Manager Lee Bum-ho also said, “I feel like I got a good pitcher. I have always watched every Futures game. I maintained it for 147 to 148 kilometers steadily. All pitches are good. I got 145 to 147 kilometers on Sunday as well. I had a good physique and exercised a lot in the Futures League. As I threw in the middle, I got up to 151 kilometers. I will use it as an intermediate pitcher this year, but after the season, I will select the position that will help my team the most.”

Kim Do-hyeon must have felt energized by himself, perhaps because he threw the ball in front of 20,000 spectators. “It’s been so long since I took the mound, I didn’t think much about it. I had fun playing baseball. I threw the ball more focused because my opponent was my former team. I pitched up to 147 kilometers before joining the military. After being discharged from the military, the second division produced several 150 kilometers long balls. Maybe because of the large crowd, it turned out that way. I don’t think so, but I’m surprised and happy that my ball speed came out like that,” Kim said with a smile.

He also revealed his secret to improving speed. “I consistently did weight and running in the military. After being discharged from the military, the coach and coach took care of me a lot and helped me. As I gained weight, my muscle mass increased. As a result, everything became faster for the pitches. Curves also have more rotation. I throw changeups the same way, but I think it got better as the speed of pitches came up,” he explained.

“When I was discharged from the military, my goal was to join the first team around September, but it came up faster than expected. My goal is to play in many games. I don’t have any big goals yet. I want to play little by little. He said that the ratio of strikes in the second team is high. I had a lot of walks before joining the military, but I want to win the game as soon as possible and not give any walks,” he said. His goal is to become a pitcher with good ball control.

For now, the team will likely use the team as a bullpen pitcher. The bullpen pitcher lineup in the first division has been playing frequently since the opening, which puts a strain on the team. Although he is still a reserve force, he is expected to contribute to the bullpen in the first division. It would be best if he does not get greedy as he says and gradually shows his presence. Attention is focusing on whether he will write success stories like Lim Ki-young, a former Hanwha Eagles pitcher who grew up to be the mainstay of Kia.

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