3.1 innings 1 run → 3 innings 1 run → 4.1 innings 2 runs, Doosan’s ‘Quick Hook’ hit again…You’re on Lee Seung-yeop’s side to the sky?

Even before meeting with LG, Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop strongly expressed his awareness of the game against the rival team. He allowed his first showdown with the LG Twins, but his team would lose four consecutive games from the next one. After losing four games to one, his opponent team’s record of five wins and 11 losses last year is going the opposite way this year. Behind this was the “quick hook” that actively utilizes the bullpen. Three of Doosan’s four wins against LG came from the “quick hook.”

The same was true of their fifth showdown this season held at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Wednesday. In the process of winning 3-2, Doosan did not entrust starting pitcher Choi Jun-ho to the entire five innings. Doosan held a 3-0 lead thanks to Choi Jun-ho’s performance, who had shown good pitching by allowing two hits, one walk and no run until the fourth inning.메이저사이트

However, Choi started to falter as he unexpectedly sent Oh Ji-hwan, the first batter, to a triple in the fifth inning due to a call-play error between second baseman Kang Seung-ho and right fielder Henry Ramos, and lost a point after being hit by a timely hit by Shin Min-jae. The bases were full as Hong Chang-ki had a walk and Park Hae-min had a hit to the right.

At that time, Doosan decided to replace its pitcher. Choi stopped pitching at 65 pitches in four ⅓ innings. The next pitcher gave up a sacrifice fly to center field to Kim Hyun-soo, and finished the fifth inning with a one-run lead. Lee garnered a relief victory by allowing one walk and no run in one ⅔ inning through the sixth inning.

Coach Lee Seung-yeop praised the bullpen after the game, saying, “I had no choice but to play a hard game because there were no additional points, but I was able to win because bullpen pitchers, including closer Hong Gun-hee, took full responsibility for the middle and second half of the game.” At the same time, he encouraged Choi Joon-ho, who failed to secure a starting win due to lack of two outcounts.

Lee Seung-yeop’s quick hook against LG also came in the first three consecutive games last month. Doosan lost 1-2 on Wednesday despite Kwak Bin’s good pitching of two runs in six ⅔ innings. Lee Young-ha started the game on Sunday. Lee Seung-yeop lowered Lee Young-ha and deployed Kim Ho-joon in the fourth inning with one out and runners on the first and second bases in the fourth inning when his team was leading 2-0. Kim Ho-joon was pushed by a one-run deficit due to a timely hit by Hong Chang-ki, but gave no additional point, and Doosan beat LG 5-2.

“When a fourth or fifth starter throws a ball, I try to make a bold decision. If the team is in a stable position, three to four runs in five to six innings would be a good performance, especially since it was against LG,” manager Lee Seung-yeop said on Sunday. On Sunday, starting pitcher Kim Dong-ju allowed two runs in five innings, and the batters scored nine runs, winning the game 9-5. In this game, the team deployed five bullpen pitchers as well.

In the second three consecutive games, manager Lee Seung-yeop also made a fast and decisive decision. On Thursday, starting pitcher Kim Yu-seong allowed four hits, two walks, three strikeouts, and one run while throwing 72 pitches during three innings. When Kim gave up a walk to first batter Moon Sung-joo in the fourth inning, he deployed Park Chi-guk, his second pitcher. On the day, Doosan used five relief pitchers, three of whom pitched multiple innings. The team won the game 6-4, holding on to the strength of its bullpen.

Quick hooks for two consecutive days are a red flag for the bullpen. Closing pitcher Hong Kun-hee pitched three consecutive innings starting against Samsung on Tuesday. Lee pitched three consecutive innings, pitching two consecutive days. This time, however, the sky is likely to help Doosan and its manager Lee Seung-yeop. On Children’s Day on Saturday, heavy rain was forecast across the country. This is why Doosan was able to boldly start for two consecutive days. If the game is held, Doosan’s Kwak Bin and LG’s Casey Kelly will have a showdown as starting pitchers.

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