‘Kt One Clubman’ Ko Young-pyo served beef to 40 teammates…”What I can do for you…”

Ko had a company dinner with all the remaining players in Iksan on Sunday. She had a meal with a total of 40 players, including Yook Sung-gun, Rehabilitation, on-site staff and trainers, excluding the team that is currently away in Masan. Ko thanked the team’s staff for boosting the team’s morale and helping the team exercise in Iksan.안전놀이터

Ko is a founding member of the KT. Originally from Hwasun High School and Dongkuk University, Ko joined the KT with the 10th overall pick in the second round and the first round in the 2014 draft. She also established herself as an ace in the KT, and stood tall as a submarine pitcher representing the league.

Last winter, Ko became the “Jongshin ktman.” He signed a non-FA multi-year contract with kt. Ko hit a five-year, 10.7 billion won jackpot. “Let’s all cheer up to become one team,” Ko, a founding member and veteran of the team, said while serving beef company dinner to his teammates.

“They are all trying hard to improve their physical condition to show good performance in the game. All I can do now is buy them delicious food and give them physical revitalization. Even if I have a hard time mentally through rehabilitation, I hope the players cheer up a lot with this,” Ko said.

Kang Min-sung, who attended the dinner, said, “Youngpyo gave me such good food that I think I can train hard again from tomorrow. He usually advises me a lot about my professional appearances on the ground, and I will try to become a player who can be a model for my juniors both inside and outside the ground. I will also train hard and become a player who can be helpful to the team.”

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