The boy who used to be a Suwon ball boy won his first win…”I’m more happy to receive congratulations from my home fans”

At the match against the Kiwoom Heroes of the “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” held at KT Wiz Park in Suwon on the 4th, Yuk had four hits, one strikeout, one run and one run in five innings. He led KT to a 6-2 victory. After graduating from Gangneung High School, he joined the team 17th overall in the second round in 2024, and won his first start in five games since his debut in the main league.

After the game, Yuk Cheong-myung said, “What I had dreamed of became a reality. I didn’t think it would feel special, but I feel much better. Rather than playing longer innings in each game, I am working with the idea of pitching stably. I think my performance is okay now. Today is the best moment in my baseball life. I am happy.”토토사이트

On the day, Yuk blocked 67 pitches in five innings. Wouldn’t he want to throw more? “I wanted to keep on taking the mound, but the coaches told me not to overdo it. I have to throw again later, so I think they stopped me from overdoing it. I’m grateful,” he said with a smile.

Yuk is playing the role of a starting pitcher for KT with the spirit of a rookie. In his first start against Kiwoom on April 17, Yuk showed off his potential as a starting pitcher by allowing six hits, one homer, two walks, one strikeout and one run in five innings, and in the match against Hanwha on April 23, he allowed four hits, one homer, two walks, and three runs in five innings. He played the role of a starting pitcher. However, none of them were able to win because they did not get help from the batters. In the match against SSG on April 28, he was sluggish in three ⅓ with four hits, one strikeout and five runs, but he rebounded.

“When I took the mound earlier, I never thought of becoming a winning pitcher. I just thought of blocking as long innings as possible. As I kept throwing, I felt more relaxed in my mind. Through the game against SSG, I definitely thought that professionals are different. The batters clearly have their sights set on me. In today’s game, I pitched as Jang Sung-woo, the catcher led me, and I was able to produce good results,” he said.

The moment he got his first win, Yuk Chung-myung was the first to come to mind. He thanked his parents for taking care of him for a long time. Yuk said, “After the last SSG match, my parents comforted me a lot. I was able to relax my mind. Even after I became the winning pitcher today, I thought of my parents the most. You’ve done a great job so far, and I want to show you a better side of me.”

The Suwon KT Wiz Park is also special to Yuk. When he was a middle school student, Yuk used to play ball boy at KT. At that time, he made special memories while playing catch ball with Kang. At the game, Kang had two hits, one homer, one RBI and two runs from four times at bat, contributing to Yuk’s first win since his debut.

Yuk Cheong-myung said, “Baekho said, ‘I hit a home run for you to become the winning pitcher.’ I told him to tell his story during the interview as well,” smiling, “I was able to throw the ball comfortably thanks to Baekho’s scoring support. I was even more happy to win my first game at Suwon, where I played ball boy. I am happy to be congratulated by many home fans.”

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