“1:6→8:7.” The father also surprised him in 757 days, and the bakery son was nonchalant. “Our hitters are so good.”

My parents say my victory is a miracle, but it’s not to that extent.”

When Park Min-ho (32, SSG Landers) won the match against Hanwha in Daejeon on the 1st in 757 days, the most surprising thing was his father who runs a bakery.스포츠토토

It was a game that Park Min-ho’s father could describe as a miracle. When Park Min-ho took the mound as his team’s third pitcher in the bottom of the fifth inning, SSG was losing 1-6. The flow itself was Hanwha’s, as he hit Roh Si-hwan’s two-run shot and the lower batters continued to explode.

However, Park Min-ho started to slow down the Hanwha Eagles’ momentum. Including striking out the first two batters, he ended the bottom of the fifth inning with three outs. In the bottom of the sixth inning, he allowed a walk to the leadoff batter and turned the central lineup of Hanwha, which was led by Noh Si-hwan, Ahn Chi-hong and Chae Eun-seong, into a poor hitter, signaling a prelude to a reversal.

This was when SSG hitters began to cheer up. In the top of the seventh inning, Go Myung-jun got on base with a double hit, and Lee Ji-young and Jihoon Choi walked to load the bases. Choo Shin-soo recovered one point with a fly ball to the left field, Choi Jeong got the bases loaded again, and Han Yu-seom wiped out the runner with a timely double that cut through the left-center field. Guillermo Herredia also staged a one-man show, penetrating the home ground, by playing a bold base running that caused the opponent’s error due to a timely RBI single in the right-center field. Afterwards, Park Min-ho became the winning pitcher in the first place as he finished the game 8-7 without allowing a tie until the end. It was the first time in two years since the game against KT in Suwon (one scoreless inning) on April 5, 2022.

“I never imagined that I would be a winning pitcher either. Other members did everything, and I was grateful for the ground home run. I really wanted to win the game, and I was happy to win it,” Park Min-ho told reporters on Sunday.

However, I never thought it was a miracle like my father did. The SSG, which anyone could hit home runs, was a team that was accustomed to turning the game around by a few points. As Park Min-ho had seen him for many years, he was rather calm, and the way he talked about other players’ performances made him proud. In fact, Park once became a similarly winning pitcher at the same place and against the same opponent. At the top of the sixth inning when the SSG was losing 3-5 to the Hanwha Eagles in Daejeon on June 19, 2021, the central batter line leading to Choi Jeong-han Yu-seom, Jamie Romak, and Jung Eui-yoon turned the tables with four consecutive home runs, the so-called back-to-back home runs, to win the final score 7-5.

Park Min-ho said, “My parents described my victory as a miracle. Especially, I think my father was surprised, but I don’t think it was to that extent. I remember winning a similar game three years ago with a back-to-back home run. Although my victory yesterday (on the 1st) was a surprise, it was not a miracle. Our hitters are so good at batting.”

After his dramatic victory, Park Min-ho made headlines with his heartfelt interview with Soo-hoon. After the game on Sunday, Park said, “I was thinking about ending my baseball career last year, but my parents and wife supported me constantly, and the day has come today that I can become a winning pitcher. I really want to express my gratitude.”

As the interview became a hot topic in the article, I heard that people contacted me from all over the place. However, last year’s decision to retire was also true and the victory was meaningful, which allowed for a heartfelt interview. In response, Park Min-ho was embarrassed, saying, “I think I made a mistake. What I said to my manager was a mess.”

“I haven’t played much in the past two years. I didn’t play in the first team for a month. So that was the time that allowed me to look back on myself,” he said. “I liked baseball since I was young. Before baseball, I went to Munhak Stadium a lot and played baseball since elementary school. Now, I thought a lot about whether I should cover one page of baseball that I liked, but sometimes this happens.”

Park joined SK (currently SSG) as the 33rd pick in the second and third rounds of the 2014 KBO Rookie Draft. From 2019 to 2021, Park was a must-win group for 144 games with nine wins, two losses, 20 holds, four saves and an earned run average of 2.89. However, Park’s position gradually narrowed, and he played only 10 games in the main league last year.

It was his wife who got married in December last year with his parents who stayed in Ganghwa Island for a long time to renew his commitment to retirement and retirement. As he is an INTP among MBTI (personality type test), he advised his son who has strong T (rational) tendencies to rejuvenate his mind.

Park Min-ho said, “Since my father runs a bakery, I asked my father last year whether I should make bread or not. So my father said, “Don’t say useless things and just play baseball.” When I heard that, I thought, “Oh, this is not working either,” so I thought I should try again (to play baseball),” he said. “Actually, since I’m T, innocuous factual violence such as “Cheer up, it’s okay” is more helpful than saying, “Just play baseball.” Of course, if you keep hitting me, I get hurt because I’m a human being, but every time my wife cheers me up, it helps me a lot.”

It wasn’t just the fans who resonated through the interview. “I was reminded of my juniors in Ganghwa Island. I’m sure I’m still working hard, but I want to give a message of support to them that they can have a good match (one day) on the first team stage,” Park Min-ho said after winning the match on Sunday.

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