I don’t express that I’m tired, I’m strong in summer…” KIA TES-type slow starter? Rather, it’s good. Kkotbumho’s positive theory

Socratic Brito (32), a foreign hitter for the KIA Tigers, is a typical slow starter. Right after the match against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on Thursday, he said the same thing in person. Manager Lee Bum-ho also said the same thing right after the game was canceled on Saturday. In fact, it is like a dream to perform well from the opening game to the last game. In that regard, Socratic’s slow starter temperament is not necessarily a bad thing for Kia.”토토사이트

Socrates had a batting average of 0.270 with five homers and 18 RBIs in 31 games between March and April this season. It wasn’t bad, but he lacked the overwhelming taste. However, he has posted a lot of hits in the last nine consecutive games, increasing his average. He hit 0.294 with two homers, six RBIs and four runs scored in his first four games in May. He had a batting average of 0.273 with seven homers, 24 RBIs and 24 RBIs with an OPS of 0.792 and a batting average of 0.415 in 35 games this season.

Notably, he hit consecutive homeruns at his last at-bat against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on Thursday and his first at-bat against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju on Sunday. He rolled up Lee Tae-yang’s forkball in the game on Sunday and hit a home run, but it was not Lee’s mistake. It should be seen as a demonstration that he is gradually increasing his batting performance.

KIA ran mainly on Kim Do-young, Choi Hyung-woo, Lee Woo-sung, Park Chan-ho and Choi Won-joon at the beginning of the season. Thanks to their strong performance, Na Sung-bum’s absence and Socrates’ poor performance were hardly damaged. However, batting has a cycle. The overall batting cycle has not been good lately. Choi Hyung-woo and Park Chan-ho certainly have ups and downs.

He scored 10 points against Hanwha on the 4th, but he did not deal with major Hanwha pitchers. Therefore, if Socrates and Na Sung-beom increase their senses a little more to compensate for the poor productivity of existing hitters, the overall productivity of the batting line can be corrected. Most teams draw this cycle. All good or all bad periods come, but all good teams have a short period of bad periods, so-called group slump.

“I see myself trying and practicing to improve my batting performance as soon as possible,” coach Lee Bum-ho said after the cancellation of the match against Hanwha Eagles on Tuesday. “I do have the feeling of being a slow starter. He is a strong physical. He did not even express that he was tired when playing games, and he played all games last year. He has good endurance. He will find his pace as he moves into the middle of the season.”

“If you show your skills during the season and in the second half, you are a strong player in the summer. Summer is important in baseball. I think it will be a great help. I didn’t pay much attention to areas where the pace was not good at the beginning of the season. I came well as other players showed performances worthy of my name. If Sung Beom, Socrates, and (Choi) Hyungwoo take the center stage, I think it will be much easier to play the game,” he said.

Socrates was actually slightly less productive in the second half of last year than in the first half. However, looking at the graphs of the past two years, he was a batter who was bad in March and April, but then hit relatively well when he got back on track starting in May. KIA boasts a strong lineup, but it can create more diverse scoring routes depending on Socrates’ productivity in Nos. 5 through 6.

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