“Now is not the time to take care of someone” KBO Legend’s strong message, “I’ve given you enough opportunities.”

It was a message of strong will to win with the team of Doosan Bears coach Lee Seung-yeop (48), a living legend of the KBO.메이저사이트

With 37 games played this season, the Doosan Bears rank sixth in the league with 18 wins and 19 losses. With one win remaining until the 50% win rate, the Bears are trailing fifth-ranked LG by one game, and the team is tied with the top-ranked KIA by six games.

In an interview with reporters after the game against LG in Jamsil was canceled due to rain, manager Lee Seung-yeop recalled the previous day’s game against LG. Doosan had rookie Choi Jun-ho as its starting pitcher on the previous day. Choi gave the mound to Lee in the fifth inning with only two outcounts left (two earned runs) to win the game by allowing five hits, two walks and two strikeouts in the fourth ⅓ (65 pitches).

In the bottom of the fifth inning with his team leading 3-0. Choi allowed a triple to the right-center field to leadoff hitter Oh Ji-hwan, and a missed call play by second baseman Kang Seung-ho and right fielder Ramos was the cause. Was it shaking right here? The next batter, Park Dong-won, only hit a grounder to the third base, but Shin Min-jae hit a timely hit to the left-center field to make up for one point. Then, as Park Hae-min hit Choi Jun-ho’s first pitch and made a hit to the right, the Doosan bench immediately moved. He boldly lowered Choi Jun-ho and raised Lee Byung-hun. As a result, Lee’s mercenary skills worked. Lee gave up a sacrifice RBI to Kim, but he managed to garner two runs by inducing Austin to ground out to the shortstop. In the end, Doosan won the game 3-2 and only one run.

“It’s too bad,” Lee said of allowing Oh Ji-hwan a triple. “In fact, in such an important game and a game with a large audience, a normal hit became a triple due to a single call play. Choi Joon-ho was also young and had little experience, so he seemed a little shaken. If the fielders had helped, he could have dragged more than five innings and come down with the winning pitcher’s qualifications, which is a shame.” “He still pitched very well.”

The head coach is always in the position to make decisions. Sometimes, he puts more emphasis on individuals and sometimes on the team. And for Lee, what was more important than an individual’s victory was the team’s victory. “This is no time for us to take care of anyone. It’s the same for pitchers and fielders. I think we’ve given them enough opportunities, and now it’s time for us to win a lot,” he stressed.

Lee said, “I will play 40 games soon. The winning rate is not 50 percent yet. In order for us to improve our performance, I think we should play a game that we can win, rather than consideration for our name value or players. I will leave it if we show good performance in the lineup and throw well, but given that there is a little problem and now is the timing, I think we need more boldness.”

“I think we lost too much. While preparing for the season, there were some injuries, and the first and second starters that we didn’t even think about were missing all at once (Brandon returned on the 1st). It’s going differently from what we thought. If we get a slump here, we don’t think it’s easy to raise it anymore. I remember going back and forth between +1 and -1 wins in last season’s winning percentage of 50 percent. I think we need to hit it fast here. It’s not greed, but if we think it’s time to bet, we can bet on it, and we’ll make that kind of judgment so that we can win one more game.”

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