Best spear vs shield ‘3 consecutive games of dalgubeol’

Among the three consecutive games this week, the most notable showdown is the showdown between the top-ranked Kia Tigers and the third-ranked Samsung Lions. Kia and Samsung will have a “moon-shaped neck-and-neck race” at Samsung Lions Park in Daegu from Friday to Sunday next week. This is their second showdown of the season. This three consecutive games will likely serve as a watershed moment for their battle for the lead in the early days of this season. In the first three consecutive games held in Gwangju from May 5 to 7, Samsung won the title with two wins and one loss. Samsung, which had lost eight straight games after the opening two consecutive games, received support from Kia by unexpectedly winning two consecutive games after one loss, and rebounded by allowing a five-game winning streak.먹튀검증

KIA’s strength is its strongest lineup. With the team batting average (0.299), team scoring (213 points), and the team’s slugging percentage (0.461), the team boasts immense strength. With Na Sung-bum, who was recovering from injury, the team’s destructive power has increased further. Samsung’s reliable corner against this is a reliable back door. Having invested a lot of money in strengthening its bullpen last winter, Samsung elevated its “protective baseball” to the strongest level in the league.

After all, the battle between starting pitchers is crucial. If Kia scores multiple goals in the early-middle part of the game, it will likely release the series in its favor, and if Samsung engages in a tight race through the mid-term, chances are high that it will seize the opportunity to win the bullpen fight.

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