“Good Endurance” Is Tess’s Late Start Science?…The firepower of the leading KIA still has one more shot left

Socrates Brito (32, KIA Tigers) had a batting average of 27 percent until April.

This year marks the third year. It was a disappointing start to be called a foreign hitter.

KIA manager Lee Bum-ho expressed expectations for a rebound rather than worry.

Socrates’ early slump is a familiar scene. He hit 311 percent with 17 home runs in 2022, and he recorded a batting average of 285 percent with 20 home runs in 142 games last year.메이저놀이터

He finished well at the end of the season, but got off to a bad start to the season.

In 2022, the batting average in April remained at 227 percent. In 2023, it was only 278 percent.

Socrates’ batting started in earnest from May. He swung the bat with a batting average of 415 percent in May 2022, and showed compliance with 318 percent in May 2023.

May is off to a good start this season as well. He had hits in all four games in May, steadily increasing his batting performance. It is also a nine-game hitting streak.

KIA manager Lee Bum-ho also expected Socrates to rebound. “I practiced to improve my condition quickly, and I also expressed regret when I played,” Lee said. “I don’t mean that I’m good because of the hot weather. I do have a feeling of being a slow starter. As a player with good physical stamina, he doesn’t express that he is tired when running. He also has good endurance. I think he will find his pace as he moves into the middle and the second half.”

KIA has consistently shown off its firepower even when Socrates did not show 100% of his ability. Until the 6th, the team’s batting average was 299 percent, ranking first in the league.

“In his third year,” Kim Do-young showed a perfect batting performance, tying for first in home runs with 11 home runs with a batting average of 329 percent, and Seo Geon-chang, who was released from the LG Twins and returned to his hometown team, revived completely with a batting average of 328 percent. In addition, Lee Woo-sung has also completely removed the label of a “long-term prospect” and has played a perfect role with a batting average of 331 percent with five home runs.

KIA’s early run was even greater as Na Sung-beom, who suffered a hamstring injury just before the opening, was away.

If Na Sung-beom returns at the end of April and Socrates improves his condition, KIA’s firepower could rise even higher.

Lee also expected a stronger lineup after May. “Summer is important, so (Socrates’ increase in hitting sense) will be a great help,” Lee said. “I don’t care about the late start. I came here well because other players showed good enough performance. If (B) Sung-beom and (Choi) Hyung-woo and Socrates are hit, I think the game would be easy to play.”

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