“I have the power to throw twice a week”… “Recently, 2G consecutive QS+” Yang Hyun-jong’s showtime begins

KIA Tigers left-hander Yang Hyun-jong will start the week with the heavy burden of starting twice a week.

Yang Hyun-jong will face left-hander Lee Seung-hyun in Game 4 of the season against the Samsung Lions in the 2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League at Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 6th.

Yoon Young-chul was the starting pitcher in the rotation on the day, but the KIA coaching staff decided to make a change as the game against the Hanwha Eagles in Gwangju was canceled by rain on the 5th. As Yoon Young-chul takes more rest, he will start in the order of Yang Hyun-jong, James Nail and Yoon Young-chul in three consecutive games during the week against Samsung.스포츠토토

After the announcement of cancellation of rain on the 5th, KIA manager Lee Bum-ho said, “(Yang) Hyun-jong will start on the 7th (Tuesday) and 12th (Sunday), and Nail will start on the 8th (Wednesday). If he starts on Tuesday, he has to start twice a week, and I think Hyunjong and Nail have the power. I’m going to make Hyunjong throw twice next week and twice the next week.”

As such, it also means that Yang Hyeon-jong is the pitcher the team can trust and trust the most at this point. Yang has a record of 3-1 loss and 3.02 ERA in 44 ⅔ innings in seven games this season, and has played more than five innings in all games.

In particular, he has achieved quality start plus (more than seven innings and less than three earned runs) in both recent starts, and won a complete game against the KT Wiz in Gwangju on the 1st, which was just before his appearance, with eight hits, one strikeout, six strikeouts and one run in nine innings.

Since 2014, Yang has pitched more than 170 innings every season, continuing his smooth flow this season, and is now cruising towards 170 innings for 10 consecutive seasons. A double-digit number of wins that he missed last year by a one-win margin is also highly likely to be possible.

Yang, who wants to continue the trend, will start in the matches against Samsung on May 7 and against SSG Landers in Gwangju on May 12. Both teams are tricky ones, especially Samsung, which is ranked third. Samsung has recently lost two games in a row, but is ranking third with 20 wins, one draw and 15 losses (0.571) in 36 games. Foreign hitter David McKinnon and Kim Young-woong, who are ranked second in batting average, are considered the most vigilant.

What should be noted is that Yang Hyun-jong did not make good memories in Daegu’s away game after the opening of Daegu Samsung Lions Park in 2016. He was somewhat sluggish in 2016 with two losses in 11 ⅓ innings with a 9.53 ERA, in 2018 with two losses in nine innings with two losses and a 7.00 ERA, in 2019 with two wins and one loss in eight innings with a 9.00 ERA, in two ⅓ in 2020 with one win and an 8.68 ERA in nine games, and in 2022 with one win and one loss in 11 innings with a 5.73 ERA.

Yang Hyun-jong will take the mound at Daegu Samsung Lions Park for the first time in 634 days since August 12, 2022 (five innings, nine hits, two homers, one strikeout, eight strikeouts and six runs). With the team trailing the second-place NC Dinos by one game, will he be able to complete his mission.

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