He has one hit and no run in five innings of 157km… “Compared to last year, I have a long way to go.” Confidence of ‘Daejeon Prince’

Moon Dong-ju of the Hanwha Eagles has returned as an ace. At a home game against the LG Twins at Hanwha Life Eagles Park in Daejeon on Sunday, Moon showed stable pitching of one hit, one walk, four strikeouts and no runs during five innings, leading the team to an 8-4 victory, and securing his second win in six games since his first win at the Incheon SSG (five innings of six hits, two walks, five strikeouts and two runs) on March 28.먹튀검증

After 10 hits (three homers), one walk, one strikeout and nine runs during three ⅓ at a game against the Doosan Bears in Daejeon on April 28, Moon returned to the second division after a long adjustment. He was supposed to leave the mound immediately after skipping the starting pitcher only once, but he started again due to poor balance and finally came up. He returned to the mound a little earlier than expected due to Peña’s injury.

Apart from allowing a walk to Oh Ji-hwan, Moon continued his hitless no-hit streak, throwing a fastball to Kim Bum-suk with two outs in the top of the fourth inning, and then spraying powerful balls to the extent that allowing a hit to the left-handed side became the only hit of the day. He only threw 66 pitches through the fifth inning. Moon, who sprayed 37 fastballs with a maximum distance of 157 kilometers, added 22 curves, five changeups, and one two-seam and a cutter, respectively. His fastball pitching was so good that his combination with curves, his main weapon, was enough to subdue LG batters.

“I liked that I didn’t have balls that went far, and for the first time, I felt the strength of the ball, so I was able to throw well,” Moon said with a smile. “I went back to the beginning and took a lot of training, not just words. All the coaches, including Lee Dae-jin, paid a lot of attention, so I was able to recover well for a long or short period of time,” Moon said. “I was able to endure it well because they also managed my mental during the difficult time.”

Asked what part was not good, Moon said, “There was not one reason. When I joined the second team, I actually had too much thought about what to solve first. The coaching staff set a point, which helped me a lot,” he said. “I compared and analyzed a lot while watching videos of good times after training every day. In fact, I’m still trying to solve the problem, but I think today’s game was shown, so I think the games will be better in the future.”

He allowed just one hit in five innings on the day, but he is still not good enough. “I still have a long way to go compared to last year,” Moon said. “I am watching videos every day from last year. I will find what went wrong and get better by watching today’s videos.”

He expressed his sense of responsibility. “I am so grateful that (Hwang) Jun-seo and (Cho) Dong-wook threw so well without me,” Moon said. “I will work hard with a sense of responsibility so that my juniors can get out of a bad situation quickly because I can’t just throw well all the time.”

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