NC’s 4th batter worries about hitting 10 home runs, “Davidson, it’s time to fight against a pitcher who’s not himself.”

Matt Davidson (33, NC) needs to broaden his horizons in order to become a complete winner.

NC manager Kang In-kwon expressed his expectations and concerns about Davidson ahead of the game against Kiwoom at Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 21st.토토사이트

“He is doing his part well, but he strikes out more when he has important chances,” coach Kang said. “I have to fight with the pitcher, but I think he only thinks about his routine during the training process, so I decided to talk to him.”

Davidson is contributing to strengthening NC`s lineup, which lacks long hitters. He hit 10 home runs in 38 games. He has the most home runs in his team. Considering that Austin Dean of the LG Twins, who tied for eighth in home runs in the league, played in 47 games, he enhanced his slugging capability in a short period of time.

Davidson was out of the roster due to pain in his left elbow in the early days of this season but returned to the roster in 11 days. Immediately after his return to the game, he had five RBIs including a three-run homerun, showing off his destructive power at a game against KIA on April 21.

However, NC still feels a bit disappointed by 2 percent of the respondents. NC has recorded five wins, one draw and nine losses in May. The cleanup hitter Davidson hit 10 home runs this season, showing off his strong performance, but he does not appear to be playing the role of a “fixer” expected by NC`s batters, who lack long hitters.

Manager Kang In-kwon expressed regret, saying, “There are areas where there are many opportunities, but there are areas where scoring is not possible in that situation.” Recently, Davidson, the fourth batter, has missed an RBI opportunity.

“Davidson is the type of hitter with a clear routine. When I look at his training process and routine, I think he is too focused on his batting form. Rather, I think he should think more about the fight against a pitcher at bat, and I plan to have a conversation about that. Now that we are heading to 50 games, I think we need to discuss our opinions,” Kang said. After finishing the six consecutive away games this week, he plans to have a “conversation time” when he returns home.

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