“Until all the ligaments that are 20% left are torn…” Give up 155km and try to hit the batter, the determination of the 1st nomination prospect

Professional baseball Kiwoom Heroes Jang Jae-young (22) showed a firm will by challenging to turn to a batter.

Jang Jae-young started the game against the Doosan Bears in the Futures League at Icheon Bears Park on the 21st as the sixth designated hitter and recorded one hit, one walk and two strikeouts in three times at bat. He showed his potential by hitting his first hit in his first official game since turning to a batter.

Jang Jae-young, who has been famous for his fastball that lightly sprays 150 kilometers per hour since his amateur days, joined Kiwoom as the first choice in the 2021 rookie draft. The rookie’s down payment was 900 million won, ranking second in KBO league history and first in club history, attracting a lot of fans’ attention. However, his appearance over the past three years was full of regret. He only recorded one win, six losses and a 6.45 ERA in 56 games (103 ⅓ innings) and prepared for the season as three starters this season, but failed to make the opening entry due to an elbow injury. He took the mound in the Futures League on the 1st to recover from his injury and return to the first division, but again failed to get any out count due to his numbness and went down the mound himself.토토사이트

Jang, who was examined at a hospital right after his injury, was diagnosed with a ruptured UCL (inner elbow ligament). He is diagnosed with damage to 70 to 80 percent of elbow ligaments. However, after discussions with his club, he decided to undergo rehabilitation rather than elbow surgery, and eventually decided to challenge to switch to a batter rather than a pitcher. In an interview before the game on the day, Jang said, “As I had an interview with the manager, I felt strongly that I should become a batter. I had a lot of worries before that, too. While talking with the manager, what he said and what I said was right, so I made the decision at that time.”

“I had a lot of worries until that day when I went to see him,” Jang said. “I hit well in high school, but I am different from a professional pitcher. I felt that I had strong points as a pitcher, but I had no strong points as a fielder, so I started pitching in the professional league. However, as I spent each season, I had strong points as a pitcher, but I also saw too many weak points. When I felt that I could not overcome those weak points with hard work, I started to want to be a fielder,” he said.

Jang Jae-young was advised to undergo surgery from the hospital after a voluntary steel plate on the 1st. Although he has elbow ligaments, Jang Jae-young said he has no elbow pain and expressed his willingness to play more on the ballpark while rehabilitating. The club also decided to rehabilitate Jang instead of surgery at the will of Jang Jae-young.

“I did not turn into a fielder because of elbow surgery,” Jang said. “I do not have much pain now. I have to undergo surgery at the right time to serve in the military later, and I will have detailed discussions with my club later. Currently, I have no pain when I play catch ball. I think the findings of surgery meant that unless I undergo surgery, I will not be able to produce fastballs with a speed of 150 kilometers or higher that exceed 155 kilometers.”

The need for elbow surgery has not disappeared even if you switch from a pitcher to a fielder. Fielders should also throw balls while defending. In particular, shortstop Jang Jae-young showed his greed for is a position that requires strong shoulders. Outfielders recommended by the club should also spray the ball strongly over long distances.

Jang Jae-young said, “I had surgery at both the club and the hospital, but the reason I wanted to rehabilitate is because I have not shown anything so far. Rather, I thought I would hold it in until I tear at least this one because I still have 20-30% of ligaments left. The club might not have wanted this choice, but they understood my mind. It may be my greed, but I felt that I had no responsibility to get surgery right away because I was a little sick,” explaining why he chose rehabilitation and conversion to batters over surgery.

On why he wanted to play shortstop, Jang said, “I saw an infielder when I was young, but I have never played an outfielder, so I thought I might be more familiar with it. I played shortstop until I was a third grader in middle school, but turned into a third baseman and a pitcher in high school. Now that I play both an outfielder and an infielder, I think I can find the right position while practicing. Now I am continuously training with Coach Chae Jong-guk for handling and step training. I will continue to prepare hard.”

Jang Jae-young, who gave up pitching hard for the past three years and started a new career as a batter, said, “Throughout each season, I have not only seen my strengths as a pitcher, but also my weaknesses as well. I felt a little that I could not overcome those weaknesses through hard work. I am sorry that I have not been able to show you many good performances as a pitcher. I will try my best to repay you as a fielder now for not meeting your expectations.”

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