A Salt of the Dinosaur Corps… NC Do Tae-hoon’s dream ‘Best backup’

There are many conditions for strong teams, but there is one that increases in importance as time goes by. It is a thick depth. There is no team that can play 144 games in a season alone, and injuries are bound to come somehow. This is why the existence of a strong backup is desperate.메이저놀이터

NC, which is fighting for the top spot, also has a player like a salt. The main character is “super backup” Do Tae-hoon, who plays his role wherever he puts out the infield. He joined the team as a trainee in 2016 and has maintained his position until becoming a mid-level player, but is firmly defending the second base this year, when Park Min-woo left the mound due to shoulder pain.

Manager Kang In-kwon, who thumbs up to say that he is a “unsung hero” in defense, also admitted that Do Tae-hoon is a “unsung hero.” “Not only me, but all the backup players are working hard. I don’t mind holding additional training sessions after the game. That’s why they do their part even if they are deployed in a hurry. As the team copes well, the team seems to be maintaining a good atmosphere.”

He is greedy. It is already his ninth year in this season. The desire to step up as a key member remains the same as others. “All players dream of becoming a regular player,” he said. “However, this type of ambition is also essential. If you do not have too much ambition and fill up empty spots like now, you will get better. I just do my best for the roles that are assigned to me.”

His role model also came from that mindset. It is Ji Seok-hoon, NC’s second-tier defensive coach who served as backup for NC’s all-weather infield. “I trained with (Ji) Seok-hoon, and now I have played games with him all the time. He was a senior I always respect,” he said. “He also asked many questions because his roles were similar. I keep in touch with him often.”

That was the reason why he inherited the back number 10 after his retirement. “Out of respect, I said I would get the number 10. (Park) Se-hyuk wanted the number 10, which he used (from his previous team), so I handed over the number after receiving a big gift, but I still have respect for Coach Ji,” he said in a special story about the number.

His role is more than just a backup. He is busy taking care of his younger siblings as well. NC players post messages of gratitude by saying “Thank you for the meal” on their SNS every day.

“It’s not because I’m conscious of it, but as we get to meet privately for a long time, older brothers approach me first,” said Do Tae-hoon, who smiled broadly after hearing the story. “As a result, I feel like I’m comfortably talking with (Kim) Ju-won even when I’m defending.” “Regardless of the value of my name, my team is always full of energy. Maybe that’s why I’m getting better grades. I’m trying my best to play the role given to me, thinking that I won’t cause inconvenience to the atmosphere,” he stressed.

There is only one goal: the team’s victory. “The year I won the championship in 2020 was the entire season of Sangmu and I did not make the Korean Series entry. Last year was my first season of fall baseball and I experienced dramatic drama. I learned a lot and gained confidence thanks to this,” he said. “I hope I can experience high performance with my team members once again.”

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