Ground mixed with joy and sorrow for “Bewildered Mistake”

In the night of last night (22nd), the game was fluctuating due to a critical mistake. Lotte and Doosan won consecutive games thanks to their opponents’ absurd mistakes at the end of the game.토토사이트

Lotte right fielder Shin Yoon-hoo catches Kim Sun-bin’s well-hit ball in the top of the ninth inning when Lotte closer Kim Won-joong was shaken and KIA followed 4-2, and immediately throws it to the first baseman.

Here, third baseman Park Jung-woo was belatedly tagged up and was threatened, and eventually the game ended as he was tagged out at home.

Thanks to the opponent’s absurd runner-up mistake, Lotte, which overcame the brink of the cliff, won two consecutive games against the leader KIA.

Doosan took advantage of SSG’s critical mistake to win three consecutive games.

SSG right fielder Ha Jae-hoon made an error in failing to put Jung Soo-bin’s ordinary fly ball into his glove in the eighth inning of a 1-1 tie, and while Ha Jae-hoon’s throw missed again, Doosan’s second baseman Cho Soo-haeng stepped home and scored the winning point.

Doosan’s “Super Rookie” Kim Taek-yeon, who made his first career save the previous day, took the mound in the crisis of one-out third base in the seventh inning, striking out SSG star Choi Jeong, and neatly caught five out counts to win his second game of the season.

NC beat Kiwoom thanks to Kim Sung-wook’s winning solo home run in the ninth inning, when the game was tied 3-3.

The spectator just above the left fence stretched out his arm and grabbed it with his glove, but the video review recognized it as a home run.

Hanwha won three consecutive games in 52 days after beating LG with consecutive timely hits by Choi In-ho and Roh Si-hwan in the eighth inning, when the game was tied 5-5.

Samsung beat KT with the starting corner’s good pitching that stopped six innings with one run by striking out nine, the most on the Korean stage.

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