KT Cuevas, “Struggling alone,” is sad to support the batters

William Cuevas (33, KT Wiz), the winner of the KBO League in the 2023 season, is regretful that he has only two wins (five losses) this season because he has not been supported by the batters despite a series of good pitching.메이저놀이터

Moreover, even though the starting lineup is the only one of the five starters keeping the starting mound due to injury and condition problems, it is regrettable for fans that they have not been able to add a multiplier this season.

Cuevas started the game against Samsung on the 22nd and lost nine strikeouts, the most for a player in the season, and allowed three runs in seven innings, but he became a losing pitcher.

Despite the five hits, he pitched close to perfection, except for the long hit that he allowed in the first inning consecutively and the solo shot by Koo Ja-wook in the third inning. The batters failed to add more wins due to silence, which only garnered four scattered hits.

This season, Cuevas has been displaying his ace performance without reservation, but has won only two games in 11 games. Except for the opening game (one run allowed in five innings), Cuevas has pitched six or more innings in all of the remaining 10 games, showing his true self as an “inning pitcher” amid the collapse of his team’s starting mound. QS ranks first in the league with nine times.

In particular, he has pitched QS or higher in the recent six consecutive games. Three of them are QS+ pitching. He pitched 69 ⅓, the most innings among pitchers in the league, and ranks first with 1.00 WHIP and 0.202 batting average. He ranks fourth with 2.99 ERA and second with 73 strikeouts in the league.

Despite his good pitching, he has only won two games in the season due to the silent batting line-up and the arson of the bullpen. The only two games in which Cuevas took the mound this season were against SSG on April 27 and NC on May 9 when he became the winning pitcher.

Although he has only won two games in the season due to lack of help from batters and bullpen, Cuevas is playing the role of KT’s ace, which is loved by manager Lee Kang-chul.

Coach Lee Kang-chul said, “Cuevas must be feeling a lot of pressure mentally, but he is doing a good job. He must be desperate to win the game he took the mound, but strangely, the batters don’t burst every time. He is a strong-minded player, so he is coping well. I hope the injured players come back as soon as possible to ease the burden.”

Cuevas, who joined the team in mid-June last year and became the catalyst for the lowest-ranked team, is still alive and well, making it a beacon of hope for KT, which dreams of making a great rebound.

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