The competitors of “up to 154km-149km” have gone through…’7G ERA 2.97′ Now, it’s Kim Jin-wook’s turn as a promising special-class player, and the head coach said, “Throw it without burden.”

Kim Jin-wook was nominated by Lotte as the first overall pick in the first round of the second round of the rookie draft in 2021. Lotte, which had the No. 1 nomination right, shouted Kim Jin-wook’s name without much thought, as he showed off his unique talent to the point where he won the “High School Choi Dong-won Award” as well as the “Elementary School Level” when he was at Gangneung High School. Lotte had high expectations that it would continue the left-hander ace lineage that led to Joo Hyung-kwang and Jang Won-jun, and gave him a down payment of 370 million won.스포츠토토

Kim Jin-wook was given the opportunity to take the mound as a starter from his first season since his debut, but he was sluggish with three losses and a 10.80 ERA in five games. On the other hand, after switching to the bullpen, he remained anxious with a WHIP (base-plus-slugging percentage) of 2.01, but he had a valuable debut season where he experienced both failure and success, taking the mound in 34 games with four wins, three losses, eight holds and a 3.29 ERA. And Kim Jin-wook once again prepared for the 2022 season as a starter and played his life-long battle.

Against the NC Dinos, Kim Jin-wook’s first appearance of the 2022 season, he had his best pitching performance with just one run (one earned run), including 10 strikeouts over seven innings. However, the good trend did not last long. He failed to show the performance of his first appearance of the season after a hiatus due to COVID-19, and he finished his second season with a disappointing 2-5 record with a 6.50 ERA in 12 games as a starter and a 9.00 ERA in two games as a bullpen.

As he continued to be disappointed as a starter, Kim Jin-wook became a bullpen pitcher once again. In April last year, he recorded one win and three holds by blocking all 11 ⅔ innings without losing a point in 10 games, and continued his good trend in May with one win, one loss, two holds, and an ERA of 3.38 in 14 games. However, as he began to falter suddenly in June, he struggled to catch a single out count in four consecutive games, and eventually rebounded until the end of the regular season, ending the season with a ERA of 2-1 losses and eight holds.

He worked out at the spring camp for the first team in Guam this year, but failed to join the opening game and started the season in the second team this year. Kim Jin-wook got off to a good start against the NC Dinos on March 26 and recorded two walks and four strikeouts in three innings, before collapsing against the second team of the Samsung Lions on April 5 with seven runs (seven earned), including eight hits and four walks in four innings. However, he showed no further slump in the second division.

The “2024 Shinhan SOL Bank KBO League” game between the Lotte Giants and the Doosan Bears took place at Jamsil Baseball Stadium in Seoul on May 18, 2024. Lotte manager Kim Tae-hyung is preparing for the game

Kim Jin-wook pitched a scoreless pitch against the second division of the Doosan Bears on April 11, allowing three runs (three earned) in four ⅓ against the KT Wiz, four scoreless innings against KT, five scoreless innings against NC on the 14th, and five scoreless innings against the Hanwha Eagles on the 19th. Of course, there is a difference in the level between the first and second teams, but it was noteworthy that he pitched a scoreless pitch, such as removing 16 strikeouts while pitching 14 innings in three games in May.

In response, manager Kim Tae-hyung expressed his intention to test Kim Jin-wook on the first division stage. When asked about Lee Min-seok, who started against the Doosan Bears on the 19th before the Sajik KIA Tigers on the 21st and recorded two runs (two earned runs) in three ⅓ innings, including throwing a fast ball of up to 154 kilometers, the head coach said, “I’m not worried about my injury. However, I took it out of the entry because I thought it would be difficult to make a turn on the 5th,” and added, “(Kim) Jin-wook is very good. I think I should try Jin-wook as the starting pitcher.” Currently, Lotte has a gap in rotation due to the sluggishness of Lee In-bok, who was the fifth starter.

Regarding Kim Jin-wook, the head coach said, “First of all, it is most important to throw your own ball on the mound of the first division. I always say that the ball power itself and the angle were good, but it is the control of the ball in the end. That always follows Kim Jin-wook. I have a good feeling in the second division, but I can throw comfortably and comfortably based on the good feeling in the first division. I will see that part.” Due to Lotte’s starting rotation, Kim Jin-wook is likely to take the mound against the Sajik Samsung Lions on the 25th.

Why can’t a promising player who received rave reviews from his high school days bloom after not having seen him for a long time? “Wasn’t he the best in high school? He would have dealt with hitters by playing comfortably as Yang Hyeon-jong,” coach Kim Tae-hyeong joked. “He must be psychological.” No one doubts Kim’s ball power and potential. In the end, what matters is how he puts down the burden and how he will perform in the first team.

Coach Kim Tae-hyung is expected to select the fifth starter through four players: Lee Min-suk with the maximum 154 kilometers and Hong Min-ki with the maximum 149 kilometers, and Lee In-bok and Kim Jin-wook with the previous five starters. “The tempo was fast and good. The ball almost went near the strike zone. He pitched better than I thought,” the coach said of Lee. Hong Min-ki, who had a chance to play in the first division on Tuesday, also said, “It was okay. I threw more calmly on the mound than I thought.” “(Hong) Min-ki is thinking about the middle as well,” the coach added on Tuesday.

With each of his competitors taking the mound once in a while, it is time for Kim Jin-wook, a former “promising star,” to show good performances in the second division. Kim Jin-wook had a chance.

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