Where’s the man of May? Crumbling Socrates humiliated ‘pinch’ at last chance…Slack hitting → Even the defense is ‘shaking’

The team is racing to the top spot, but some players have faced the biggest crisis in their third year in Korea.스포츠토토

KIA Tigers Socrates Brito’s poor performance is unusual. The slugging power of the shot is still alive, but the hitting index is collapsing endlessly. On top of that, even the defense is shaken.

KIA lost two consecutive games to the Lotte Giants at Sajik Stadium in Busan from the 21st to the 22nd.

Major pitchers such as foreign pitcher Will Crowe, Lee Eui-ri, and Lim Ki-young are out due to injury. They lost all of their games where James Nail and Yoon Young-chul took the mound in good condition. KIA, which was leading the game by sweeping the NC Dinos last weekend, was suddenly hit by Lotte, the last team.

While Park Se-woong continued his good pitching until the eighth inning except for the first inning, Yoon Young-chul was repeatedly pressured from the beginning by Lotte’s powerful batters. He allowed a double to Yoon Dong-hee in the first inning and Yoo Kang-nam in the second inning, but managed to overcome the crisis thanks to center fielder Choi Won-joon’s good defense.

It was in the bottom of the third inning that the 0 march cracked. After two outs, Lotte had another chance to score with Go Seung-min’s hit and Reyes’ walk. The fifth batter Kim Min-sung turned his bat coolly, and the well-hit ball stretched toward the left fence.

It wasn’t a hit that you couldn’t catch. The problem was Socrates’ judgment of the ball. The ball stretched much further than he thought. He was seen running after the ball in a hurry.

Kim Min-sung’s hit became a two-run double that directly hit the left fence. Socrates jumped and extended his glove at the last minute, but the ball hit the fence lower than Socrates’ height and popped out. As a result, if Socrates’ first judgment was correct, or if he followed well right after, it was a hit worth catching. The large commentator explained, “Socrates missed the ball at the moment because the sky was cloudy.”

The next batter, Na Seung-yeop, also hit a fly ball to the left. Socrates couldn’t find the ball again momentarily. However, thanks to the ball floating to some extent, he followed and caught it late.

Even the solid defense that he has shown for two years since he first wore the KIA uniform in 2022 seems to be shaking.

Of course, the slump in batting, which is his main job, is the biggest disappointment. Socrates’ batting performance (on-base plus slugging percentage) was 0.713, with eight homers and 29 RBIs with a .254 on-base plus slugging percentage (OPS) of 0.713. This is a sharp drop from 17 homers-0.848 in the first season and 20 homers-0.807 in the last season.

For the past two years, he has been nicknamed the “May man” by swinging the bat every May. However, this year is an exception. May is cold. He had a batting average of 224 percent and an OPS of 0.612. The problem is that his performance has been declining in March, April and May.

What do you think of the coach? Socrates was excluded from the starting lineup against the NC Dinos on Wednesday but returned to the game against Lotte on Wednesday. Kia Tigers coach Lee Bum-ho denied the possibility of a possible replacement, saying, “He is a player who needs to be used, and he is going with me.”

“I wasn’t excluded from the blame game, but I judged that I was tired. I meant to save my physical strength and cool down my head by taking a day off that day. I’m talking a lot because my performance is coming out well now, but other players are doing well now, and there will be a point when Socrates will come up in the future. I don’t think it’s a big problem if you just show me the clutch ability in every important situation. I’m waiting for you to play baseball soon.”

Coach Lee Bum-ho’s patience ran out at the Tuesday game. Socrates was out of three at-bats on the day by hitting a first base, a first base and a ground ball to the pitcher.

Kia had the last chance to load the bases with one out in the bottom of the ninth inning when its team was losing 1-4. In the meantime, the KIA bench used Lee Woo-sung as a substitute for Socrates, and Lee lived up to expectations by making a timely RBI single for shortstop as well. Socrates had to stand in the dugout and stare bitterly at the ground. KIA lost without providing additional points due to failed follow-up shots.

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