A magical winning series created by a rookie duo with an annual salary of 60 million

The KT Wiz in the professional baseball league has a red light on its starting lineup. Rookie of the year Cho Hyung-joon and national team player sidearm Ko Young-pyo are undergoing rehabilitation procedures. Foreign pitcher Wes Benjamin was excluded from the first-team entry due to poor left elbow condition.토토사이트

Instead, high school graduates Won Won-hyeon and Yuk Cheong-myeong joined the starting lineup. “We are not doing it because we want to foster it, but a team that naturally fosters it,” coach Lee Kang-chul said. He expressed the current situation in which rookie players are forced to be hired amid a series of injuries.

He is a freshman who has just entered the professional stage after graduating from high school, but his potential is endless. “Won Sang-hyun has a wide variety of pitches and Yuk is not very fast, but he has heavy balls,” coach Lee Kang-chul said.

KT ended its three consecutive games against Samsung with two wins, one loss and one win series by banking on Won Won-hyeon and Yuk Cheong-myung. After ending the first three consecutive games on Monday, Yuk threw well, allowing five hits, two walks, two strikeouts and one run in five innings.

He threw 84 pitches on the day, the highest number of pitches in a single game per individual, and was caught with a speed gun up to 148 kilometers in ball speed. He also used his main weapons such as curves, sliders, and changeups. He exited the mound after meeting the requirement to win two games in the sixth inning with a 3-1 lead, but he had to overcome regret as the fighting spirit collapsed. KT won the game 8-5 after struggling for an extended period.

“I took the mound as a pitcher in the second game of the doubleheader in the last game. In the previous game, a lot of seniors were pitching, so I felt pressured to continue the long innings,” Yuk said. “This time, I took the mound thinking that I would block only one inning. I learned a lot from the last game. I felt like I was trying to find my ball.”

“I missed the win, but I’m grateful to have received the opportunity. I have no desire to win individually. I’m satisfied that my team’s victory will allow me to start the week in a good mood,” he said. “I want to become a pitcher who throws balls stably and contributes to my team’s victory until my brothers return.”

Manager Lee Kang-chul praised, “Yook Cheong-myung did not become a winning pitcher unfortunately, but he did his part as a starter.”

Against Samsung on Sunday, Won garnered his second win of this season by allowing five hits, two walks, four strikeouts and one run in five innings. He displayed a maximum speed of 147 kilometers per hour, and threw a mixture of curves, sliders and changeups.

Since then, Sohn Dong-hyun, Kim Min-soo, Kim Min-hyun and Park Young-hyun have taken the mound in turn to take responsibility for the four innings. The batting lineup also showed off properly. He garnered nine points by combining 14 hits in the rhythm and four walks. Four batters including Kang Baek-ho, Oh Yoon-seok, Cho Yong-ho and Shin Bon-ki achieved multi hits, completing all hits in the lineup. KT beat Samsung 9-2 to clinch the win series.

“With Bae Jung-dae’s triple in the first inning and Kang Baek-ho’s first RBI, we were able to change the bad atmosphere of yesterday’s game. In the second inning, the lower batters played so well that we were able to score three runs. Oh Yoon-seok, Cho Yong-ho and Shin Bon-ki were so good that we were able to win,” Lee said.

“Starting pitcher Wonsang laid the foundation for victory through good pitching. Jang’s lead was also very good. Afterwards, intermediate pitchers defended well and managed to keep the win,” he added.

KT, which ended the three consecutive games in Daegu with the performance of the rookie duo with an annual salary of 60 million won, will bring the Kiwoom Heroes to its home turf from the 24th and play three consecutive games on weekends.

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