Doosan’s Kim Ki-yeon’s Big Inning, “You can’t look weak without Yang Eui-ji.”

Long hit by Kim Ki-yeon (27) of Doosan Bears has created Doosan’s time. Kim Ki-yeon has demonstrated his potential as an adventurer as well as his quality as a “post Yang Eui-ji.” Now, Doosan is running for the lead.메이저사이트

Kim Ki-yeon hit a cool double in the bottom of the second inning with no outs and the bases loaded in a game against the SSG that took place at Jamsil Stadium in Seoul on Sunday. Following the trend, Doosan scored nine points in a flash, ranging from walks scored by Cho Soo-haeng to timely hits by Jung Soo-bin and Kang Seung-hwan, and home runs by Yang Seok-hwan. Doosan swept the game to SSG with the score tied 10-3. The team is nearing its top spot in the league.

After the game, Kim Ki-yeon said, “The player behind me, Jeon Min-jae, is a younger player than me, and I didn’t want to put pressure on him, so I went to the batter’s box thinking that I would hit it somehow,” adding, “The pitcher had a lot of balls, but I think he thought that he had to think about hitting aggressively when he had a chance to hit a good ball, so he tried to hit aggressively.”

Kim Ki-yeon accurately pushed out SSG Song Young-jin’s fastball, which was strongly inserted into the lower right, which is the outside of his body. “I was thinking that I wouldn’t throw it to the body because I was confident in the ball that came into my body, and I went in thinking about the outside, and fortunately, I think the good ball came out,” he said.

Kim Ki-yeon is playing as the main catcher instead of Yang Eui-ji, who has recently been resting due to a knee injury. “I think it is a good influence for the team to win the game when I go out (instead of Yang) because if our team continues to lose when Yang Eui-ji is not able to play, the opponent team can feel that we are weak and come into the game more comfortably,” he said.

Kim Ki-yeon and Yang Eui-ji have been reborn as close mentees and mentors. “I am fortunate to have Kim Ki-yeon,” Yang Eui-ji said. “I get good stimulation from watching Kim Ki-yeon.” In response, Kim Ki-yeon said, “Since Yang Eui-ji told me that my swing is too big and I don’t have to hit it that big when I have strength, I tried to reduce the swing angle from the camp, and fortunately, it was made well in the season.”

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