“I think it’s a batting ball…” Shameful 39-year-old pitcher saved LG with a 140km fastball

The bullpen, which was the driving force behind the team’s victory last year, has weakened. Finisher Ko Woo-suk (Miami Marlins) left for the U.S., and setup man Ham Deok-joo was out due to surgery to remove bone fragments from his elbow. The middle became loose as setup man Yoo Young-chan was selected as the new closer. Young pitchers are showing ups and downs, making it difficult to fight against their backs.먹튀검증

Ahead of the Daejeon Hanwha match on the 23rd, LG manager Yeom Kyung-yeop said, “Last year, there were two or three bullpen pillars. It is much easier to grow a new bullpen if there is a player who supports from behind,” expressing his absolute belief in Kim Jin-sung (39) by saying, “The only thing that is difficult in our middle this year is Jinseong.”

Kim Jin-seong immediately showed the reason at the game. Starter Lim Chan-kyu, who had been blocking the team well with one run until the fifth inning, was shaken up due to difficulties in controlling ball control in the sixth inning, facing a crisis for LG. After being hit by a double by Roh after one out, he allowed a walk, and allowed a run to be thrown out by the batter. With the bases loaded with one out, Lee Woo-chan came on, but Lee allowed a walk to be pushed out by Choi Jae-hoon, and allowed additional run due to Lee Do-yoon’s grounder to shortstop, leading to a 5-4 or one-run gap.

With runners on the first and third bases with two outs, manager Yeom Kyung-yeop called Kim Jin-seong at the risk of a come-from-behind runner. Kim Jin-seong, who blocked 17 pitches perfectly in one ⅔ inning against Hanwha on the previous day (22nd), was driven to the bases by giving a walk to first batter Park Sang-eon, but managed to secure LG’s lead by inducing Kim Tae-yeon to hit a grounder to the second base with a fork ball.

In the seventh inning, he got a left-handed hit by Roh after hitting Choi In-ho with a fly ball to the left field, but managed to garner multiple innings in a row by fouling An Chi-hong to third base and striking out Chae Eun-seong. LG, whose mood changed after Kim Jin-seong silenced Hanwha’s pursuit, added three more runs in the seventh inning to win the game 8-4. This is the 10th hold of this season, which ended LG’s three-game losing streak. After coming to LG, he posted double-digit holds for the third consecutive year. His overall performance during this season was 1.85, with one win, one loss, one save and 10 holds in 25 games (24 ⅓ innings) overall.

“I have no personal inspiration for my personal record. My goal is to play (player) longer than my personal record,” Kim said after the match. “I have so many good defenders behind me. I have nine fielders, so I can throw with more confidence. (It was a bit difficult (to throw multiple innings in a row), but the team was in a difficult situation. I needed to show them why I needed an old player, so I focused a little more and threw.”

With the bases loaded this year, Kim once again showed his strong performance in crises, as he blocked the team with no hit in 10 times at bat. “Since the NC Dinos, when the bases loaded, something surges in my heart,” a smiling Kim Jin-seong said. “I didn’t usually do that, but these days, I keep thinking about my juniors on the mound. Today, I thought of (Im) Chan-gyu and (Lee) Woo-chan. I think a lot about how I should focus more on my juniors and block them by throwing them with strength.”

Kim Jin-seong, who is getting stronger even in times of crisis, does not have fastballs that are fiercer, but boldly tries to win the game. On the same day, he threw three consecutive fastballs to An Chi-hong with one out and a runner on the first base in the seventh inning to induce a foul fly, and Chae Eun-seong’s fastballs, which swung and missed, only amounted to 140 kilometers per hour based on PTS. His average fastball speed this year is 140 kilometers, which is below the league average (143 kilometers).

“I concentrate with the mindset that whenever I go up to the mound, I will strike out without fail,” Kim Jin-seong said. “I’m not saying how to throw the ball because my opponent is batting fourth, but if I think I’m going to strike out unconditionally, my concentration improves. That’s why I think I’m getting good results,” he said. “My ball power is batting. When I throw the ball at the center, I wonder what hitters will think when they see me. I’m a little embarrassed,” he said with a hearty laugh.

Age cannot deceive people as a 39-year-old veteran. Although the ball is not strong enough in terms of figures, batters cannot easily hit the ball as they enter the match without avoiding a crisis. When pitching against An Chi-hong and Chae Eun-seong on the day, catcher Heo Do-hwan signed a fork ball, but Kim insisted on a fastball. “This ball is definitely a fastball. I think a lot of good results will be produced when pitching with a strong spirit,” Kim said.

Kim Jin-sung’s spirit was well reflected in May. He is overwhelmed with an ERA of 0.00 with one win, one save and six holds in 11 games (11 ⅔ innings) this month. In the match against KT in Suwon on the 18th, he came up behind Yoo Young-chan, the closing pitcher with no outs and the bases loaded in the ninth inning, blocked no loss, and maintained his team’s 7-6 victory. Literally, it was a super save. Since then, Yoo has been on shaky ground in recent years, as he was hit by Choi In-ho in the eighth inning after only playing eight consecutive breaking balls.

When asked before the match by Yoo Young-chan, Kim Jin-seong, who gives generous advice when younger players ask first, replied, “Why does a pitcher who is 150 kilometers away keep trying to win the game with breaking balls? Even if you are beaten, the one who is hit by a fastball is the closing pitcher. Never run away because you are the pride of our team.” Kim Jin-seong, who has 39 saves in his career and finished the game, gave advice to LG fans.

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